Thursday, April 30, 2009

need clothes?

remember this little guy?

In 10 short months he has grown like a weed and more than tripled his size. My little peanut is turning into a rough and tumble little man with SO much energy!! I know several of you emailed regarding pictures of his outgrown wardrobe so I am providing a link here on the blog just to make it a bit easier. I have a lot of 6-9 month winter stuff too to purge...just need to sort through it all!

So, if you were one of the sweet gals who emailed me you can buy stuff here.

My hubby is home and we are gearing up for a wild weekend of finishing up a few renovation projects and showing the house. Did I mention we are renovating the master bath? Taking it from the "land of brass" to a much more neutral space. But, before the open house on Sunday, we have some drywall repairs, a bit of painting, and a little plumbing issue to correct. Throw in a couple of soccer games and 4 photo sessions and we ought to have a rip roaring weekend!!


Monday, April 27, 2009

being swallowed alive.

Things suddenly got really crazy here. Like...insanely crazy. So pardon my absence from blogging this week. I have been scouring toilets and chasing after the 3 munchkins with the vacuum in hand. Have you ever noticed that the more you clean the more you realize your house is filthy? I think I liked it better the other way. When the piles of junk covered up the dusty floors and crumbs.

The sign went up today in front of our house so I guess it is official. Let the fun begin, huh?

Still single parenting...nothing like buying a house while your husband is in Paris. I'm starting to get pretty lonely (and a wee bit exhausted) and looking forward to him coming home soon! I'll be waiting by the door for him with the toilet brush in hand!

So...just a quick update from me and then back to the grind. I do have plenty of things to share and will try to post a few more pictures lickety split. But in the meantime, here's the little man in the backyard a couple of days ago. He is into EVERYTHING and SO loving his new found freedom!

btw. I recently participated in a HUGE boutique children's clothing garage sale (if you live in the KC area and want info about the next one email me from the sidebar). I made a killing but still have quite a bit of baby boy leftover. So if you are looking for 0-3 or 3-6 month baby boys clothes I'd be happy to send you some pictures. I'm a *bit* of a clothes horse so you know this little guy was dressed to the hilts ;)

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The 411

Wow. Things here are just a wee bit on the crazy side right now. In the midst of the 3 kiddos and all their end-of-the-year activities...and single parenting (AGAIN) this week....we decided to make an offer on a new (old) house. For the past few months we have been scouting out a location for a natural light photography studio. Someplace nearby that I could use for my indoor sessions that wouldn't involve me removing every piece of furniture from our family room every time I had a client session. The studio looking led to house looking...which led to falling in love with this place. So. Tomorrow is the day.

There are a billion things that could go wrong so I'm trying not to get too emotionally attached (don't suppose the fact that I drove by it tonight is really helping that situation too much). We've got more than a few obstacles to overcome presenting an offer, selling our house, inspections, etc. But if it all works out I might be sharing pictures taken here soon! I've always, always wanted an older house (Craftsman or Tudor) and the sun room with its walls of windows took my breath away. I do really love our house REALLY...I'm not going to get attached.

There is also a garage space that could easily be converted to a studio as 1.5 acres of wooded land that backs to the Blue River. {Sigh} see...I'm not attached at all!

I debated sharing this little tidbit but decided I needed a place to vent some of my pent up nervous energy. I know that everything will work out the way it should. I'm SO thankful for the home that we have....we have way more than we really need. And I can truly say that if it doesn't work...we'll be happy here. But a girls gotta dream, right?

Speaking of dreaming....nothing much sweeter than a couple dreaming of their first child.

It is always amazing to me to have the opportunity to interact with people during some of the most exciting moments in their lives. And having your first child is about as amazing as it gets.

This couple will make such wonderful parents. It is easy to see their excitement and anticipation growing already!

And there aren't many things more beautiful than a woman who is about to become a mom. Somehow they always seem to radiate such warmth and resolve. They know the important task at hand and the love they carry is so strong and pure.

Anxiously awaiting the birth of Baby A. I can't wait to meet her in person and see you two become mom and dad!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Winner! and a trailer...

One lucky duck is gonna win Ann's super rad necklace...want to know who??

KELLY - PiaTillys are our girl!
Contact Ann to claim your prize!

And because a blog post isn't any fun without a few photos to my new best buddy. This just-turned-3-year-old totally stole my heart. I hope Sam turns out just like this little guy in a few years. We had the best afternoon together riding this old trike through the mud! Talk about easy peasy...he flashed me more cute expressions in our 30 minute shoot than I knew what to do with!

That was my all time fav. Man he was cute! Mom calls his Popeye...wonder why?!?

I've never understood why they call them movie "trailers" when the clip comes out BEFORE the movie. I mean...if you pull a trailer with your car it rides BEHIND the car right? So I'm setting things straight here and instead of a sneak peak like I promised....Mom has already been given the full gallery of images...and my blog friends are getting the "trailer".

I did a fun wash on these images and loved the rustic, grungy look!

Of course I couldn't resist a few with a nice pop of color. He was just smashing in his orange and blue...and I am completely digging my new "old" blue trike. It worked like a charm...squeaky wheels and all!

Thanks for the fun smiles Popeye. You are about as cute as they come!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meet Maggie!

If you are an ebayer than you certainly know about Laurie and her company *Kandy Kisses*. We have designed together for several years and she is so much fun! A few months ago she contacted me about photographing her newest clothing line and I jumped at the chance to see her amazing work in person. I had a blast preparing the look and feel of the photo session...adding just enough spunk and girlie attitude to compliment these amazing clothes.

You can find the entire line called Maggie HERE on Laurie's website. I have all these pieces at my house and have been drooling over them since the box first arrived! She paired up Patty's Andalucia with several playful dots...and there are countless mix and match possibilities! I know she is going to be wildly successful in this new venture and I'm so proud of all she has achieved...and THRILLED that she allowed me to participate!

I took these photos several weeks ago when the weather was still resisting spring. These girls were such little troopers. They all did such a fabulous job for me. And a big shout out to my friend Nance who lets me borrow her brood anytime I need them!

Now for a few more photos!

Be sure to place your order on Laurie's site before this collection is gone!

Monday, April 20, 2009

want to win something??

When Ann and I met it was friendship at first sight. After a few chats online in our ebay design group, we realized we lived in the same area and decided to meet up for a joint collaboration. And after a few more chats we realized we had an awful lot in common. Big things. Like our faith. Our little people (each raising 2 girls and a boy). Our creative pursuits. Our love for photography. I'm always so thankful when we get the opportunity to spend a bit of time together.

A few weeks ago we went together to Sandy Puc's *Tots to Teens* seminar. And she brought me this.

I have another version of this necklace which I had previously been wearing everyday. So much so that when A recently drew our family portrait she rendered me in a flirty skirt and my square name necklace. And now each morning I have the difficult choice of deciding which necklace to wear! What's a girl to do?

So do you like it? Want one for yourself? Or maybe Mom?

Then checkout Ann's website *Hip Mom Jewelry* (formerly Swede at Heart) and LEAVE A COMMENT here about your favorite piece. If you're a brown-noser and want some extra about the giveaway (be sure to tell us in the comments!) and we'll give you an extra point!

And if you don't win but MUST have this necklace you'll be thrilled to know that she is offering 25% off in April using the code APRIL25.

Now get shopping folks!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

big weekend for the brainiac!

Her weekend started out with a bang. Nothing much more fun than getting dressed up for a date with your Daddy...a trip down to the school for a bit of dancing at the Daddy Daughter Dance, pizza...and a plate full of cookies!

They danced the night away. This photo just makes me smile. My girls so adore their Dad. And they he treats each of them like they are the Queen.

Then this morning this little girl hit a major achievement! She graduated from Book 1 in violin. She has been taking Suzuki violin lessons since she turned four and has been steadily working towards this goal. It was such a thrill to see her play her pieces today at her group lesson!

She has been working hard for months to prepare her pieces. Her teacher has had her trophy displayed on her piano in the studio for about a month now. And A has stopped to hug and kiss it each week leading up to her graduation. So after her performance today she didn't even hesitate. When the audience started to clap she bowed as quickly as possible and ran for the piano to claim her prize :) Someone special accompanied her.

She's already figured out the first four pieces of the next amazes me how success breeds success. She's so motivated now to continue to learn. Kind of amazes me too how a piece of shiny plastic can have so much power over her :)

So proud of you A! And so thankful for the opportunity to share our love of music with you!

Friday, April 17, 2009

super star

She's a rock star for sure this one.

We took a drive across town today. J's violin didn't survive the crash to the ground when she dropped it mid practice last week. It needed a bit of we took it in for some pampering. On the back of the building was this awesome GIANT cool! The backs of all the buildings on this street all had brightly colored we decided to try out a few spots. I dressed her up in some fun, funky dots *just in case* she felt like hopping out of the car for a few photos ;)

I also played around with a damask texture on a few of these...just for something a bit different.

She really gave me a few super cute images which to her credit was a pretty big deal. Apparently she's sick. As soon as we got back in the car she fell into a deep sleep (there was snoring and drool involved). I drove her through Chick-fil-A as a special treat and she wouldn't even touch her meal. That's when I knew my little carnivore wasn't quite right. When we got home she was burning up...grabbed her blankie and headed straight for the couch where she staid for 3 full hours.

Wouldn't know it here would you? Yeah I'm so not going to get the Mother of the Year award.

So it's official...she's caught her brother's cold and she's a bit miserable.

But darn cute isn't she?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

new ride

She's been begging for weeks...ever since the hint of spring. So when we happened across this little gem at a garage sale this morning I didn't even hesitate to say yes. It is SO fun to say yes isn't it? Made even better because I feel like I spend the majority of the day saying no to in, "no you may not feed your baby brother your leftover peanut butter sandwich", "no you may not watch Barbie as Princess and the Pauper for the 4th time today", or "no you may not wear tights under your swim suit at swimming lessons". But I digress.

She was so amazingly cute peddling around our driveway. There were a few scary moments, before the braking lesson, when she came flying at me with camera posed...but no one was injured thankfully :)

So rare are the moments when we get to be alone together...just a girl and her mom. But with A down the block at school and S snuggled in his bed upstairs (I had the monitor...don't go calling CPS on me!) was easy to pretend for just a few moments that it was just the two of us.

It was a gorgeous day...sunny and bright. A great afternoon to be out soaking up the first signs of spring. I'm working on my skills shooting in full sun...not my preference but something that just can't be avoided at times. For those who love photography...I lowered my ISO to 125 for these which helped me keep my shutter speed in check. Seems to have worked nicely, but I'd love to hear any other tricks you might have! Notice her mostly brown ensemble? Brown dress, brown leggings, brown socks, and brown shoes. Cause big girls like brown apparently. Plain brown tops. And brown tennis shoes too.

My little Jule is growing up way too fast. Glad I got to say "YES" today and soak up the sun with my favorite 4 year old.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

10 months old

I think I mentioned in his 9 month post that he was "on the verge". Yep...he's definitely fallen off the fence at this point and there is no stopping him! He's a crawling, pulling up, cruising, teeth sprouting machine. We took a little road trip this weekend to spend some quality time with Mimi and Baboo. It was an extra bonus that The Writer and her family came for the day Saturday for the annual egg hunt and Hippity Hop Bunny Shop. I took a gazillion photos...will share those soon!

But back to this sweet boy. He's under the weather (AGAIN). High temps, runny nose, terrible cough. I think it's the flu. He's so miserable and pathetic (in a cute, endearing sort of way) so he's been getting lots of extra snuggles and lovin!

So I'm so glad we took him out Saturday for this quick mini session before he really went downhill. He is so fun to photograph because he bursts into a grin as soon as I call his name...what a flirt ;)

These were his Easter duds. I love that his little overalls were so classic with the monogram. These will definitely go in his heirloom box when he outgrows them (which might be tomorrow as they were none to big!)

He's got three teeth now...and one more just ready to poke through. Can you see them?

My parents have a little gate in their backyard that leads to a path around a pond. It made for the perfect prop...just the right size for him to hold onto.

I like the more classic scenery combined with his dressy outfit. He's one stylin little dude don't you think? I went with a softer post processing and I think I like the more dreamy effect.

We tried out a little wooden garden cart too...but he was such a dare devil and was determined to climb right out.

So we played the "throw me up in sky and wait for me to loose my lunch on you" game...which he thought was great fun, of course!

I never realized how much fun I would have with this little one....he has completely stolen my heart :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

a little project

The mailman delivered a fun package today chalk full of fabric yumminess. This is part of a special project I'm working on that will involve lots of pictures and some summer items you are definitely going to want to get your hands on!! Praying for sunshine and warmer temps early next week so I can share!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

bad rap

This little one has gotten a bit of a bad rap here on the blog. And while it is true that 4 has been hard at our house, she has also brought an immense amount of joy (and silliness) to our family. If you need a good knock knock joke she's definitely your gal. Her squeaky little Brooklyn accent voice alone is enough to put a smile on your face (even after the worst of offenses). We've instigated a stop sign approach for behavior which seems to be running smoothly and curbing some of the most undesirable behavior. But hey...she's still 4 so there are still some battles to be fought. But we all seem to be enjoying each other a lot more lately.

She's by far my most photogenic child. She loves the camera and knows just how to flash that special look that melts your heart. She seems to be growing up at an alarmingly fast rate this year.

Today was picture day at preschool. She begged to wear the special dress we have had hanging in her closet reserved for her upcoming violin recital. So we glammed all out in her tafetta dress and silver slippers...including a quick manicure (in hot pink of course). Nothing sweeter than a little girl twirling through the hallway shouting "look at me...have you ever seen anything so bee-you-tee-ful??"

J...You will always be our little "Jewel". Sparkly and silly and oh-so mischievous. I was once told that God gave you a little more naughtiness to make up for your overwhelming cuteness....and I believe it.

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
Bless you!

In case you need a little mid day pick-me-up....compliments of a sweet little girl I know.