Sunday, November 30, 2008

family {Kansas City Family Photographer}

I genuinely love my spending time the constant noise of kids and laughter. I love that we got to spend Thanksgiving together in my sister's big pink house. I love that I wasn't responsible for the yummy food. I love that there were enough arms to hold the baby and enough cousins to entertain my girls that the weekend required very little work. I love that we could all be together...and take impromptu family photos in my sister's backyard.

Every year we haul all the kids to a photo studio to try our hand at a "cousin" picture. This year we even tried the entire I know why I don't like to photograph large groups! All the "big people" did just fine...but those little girls and their cheesy smiles...and the baby...we never did get him to look! It was a wee bit cold as well ( mid-30s) and my mom was less than thrilled that I didn't have a hat on the baby!

This is "The Librarian" and her family. She's my older, older sister. I like to say that cause it makes her sound like she's ancient :) In reality she is pretty darn young and hip. Her kids are supposed to still be toddlers running around the backyard...not teenagers with college plans!

"The boys" who happen to be identical twins. They are 13 and towering above me!

"The girls". These two are such fun (can't you tell from the pic!)

Uh...America's Next Top Model called and they want their girls back...

My favorite shot from the afternoon :)

"The Writer" and her family. She is my older sister...just older...not older, older. She's young and hip too and was our hostess with the mostest. They recently bought an amazing 3 story Craftsman's's our new family party house.

Her fun not-so-little-anymore girls.

Another favorite shot! is really rare that my family ever gets a family photo as I am usually behind the camera. We decided to try our luck during the festivities...I prepped my camera...and handed it over to my Dad. Yeah...not thinking any of these are gonna make the final cut :)

I did manage to get a sweet shot of the kiddos together though!

Hope you all had a laughter filled, memory making kind of holiday. Here's to good food, big pink houses, and a camera to capture another year of change!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


In the spirit of Thanksgiving....a partial list of my many thanks.

1. A God who loves me, died for me, and cares about the mundane details of my life.
2. A husband who loves me despite myself, provides for me, and cares about the mundane details of my life.
3. Kids who love me and share each and every mundane detail of my life :)
4. 2 beautiful girls whose personalities are so vastly different that I am constantly challenged on how to be a good mom.
5. A beautiful baby boy whose birth made me realize that little else matters than the care of my children.
6. Parents who call, email, drive long hours, to take part in the mundane details of our lives.
7. Sisters who will stay up all night to discuss the mundane details of my life as well as share the mundane details of their lives.
8. A creative spirit and encouragement from many that make the mundane details of my life somehow enriching, inspiring, and well worth living.

side note: The older I get...the more I realize that life isn't about what we do but who we share it with. And although some days my life feels full and rich..and others mundane and dull...the journey is so worth taking if you share it with others.

1. chocolate
2. baby socks
3. autumn color
4. eskimo kisses
5. bedtime snuggles
6. snow days
7. a good Sharpie pen
8. the perfect pair of jeans
9. little voices
10. a full nights sleep

May the mundane details of your holiday be richly blessed by sharing it with those you love!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

baby fever {Kansas City Newborn Photographer}

If you don't have it yet...hold on to your hat. Cause this little baby is the sweetest thing ever! She was only 10 days old when I got to meet her. This was my 8th newborn session and this gorgeous girl was such a breeze. She slept, had a little snack and a big blow out (hope your shirt is ok!!) and fell right back to sleep :) At under 6 lbs. she looks just like a baby doll. I love her little wrinkled feet and peely skin...those tufts of dark hair...and those long skinny toes! She was a breech baby and was so content to wiggle her little feet right up to her face and fall asleep. The new parents were so cool...and totally prepared! They even came with a lint brush :) Talk about having it all together!

Promised a few sneak peaks for her eager mommy and daddy! Thank you for sharing your beautiful girl with me. I can't wait to see how she grows. She is gorgeous and such a blessing. Sleep tight little sweetie...til we meet again!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

a little R&R

I've been busy these past few weeks with client sessions, proofing, ordering, etc. So once I got these packaged up on Friday night I felt we all deserved a little R&R.

Little S has been sick all week with an ear infection and a viral tummy bug. On Wednesday he hit 12+ dirty diapers by 3 pm...that's when I knew a trip to the pediatrician was unavoidable. He's such a sweet baby....trying hit darndest to be chipper even though he felt like poo (no pun intended). This morning the smiles were back in earnest. So we cuddled and played (and I took pictures of course!)

He practiced one of his newest tricks (by the way...check out those thighs!)

Rolled around a bit.

Played peek-a-boo through the slats on his crib.

Stopped to suck his thumb.

Lounged around on his comfy denim chair.

Practiced sitting up like a "big boy".

And even played with his tootsies for a bit.

So glad he is on the mend...I missed all those gummy smiles!

I also had a newborn session today with some fabulous new clients! Their gorgeous girl arrived a few weeks early and she was such a rock star at her photo shoot. They purchased my "grow with me" package...I can't wait to see her again and see how much she has changed. Here's a sneak peak...I'll share a few more soon!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

61 degrees in November {Kansas City Childrens Photographer}

is oh-so-lovely! So were these sweet kids. I have known their mommy for a few months now. We have struck up a friendship chatting and waiting for our two little princesses in ballet class. So when she asked me to squeeze in a session yet this fall, I jumped at the chance. I love it when other moms really get the importance of capturing beautiful images of their kids! When they are new to us as babies we are so eager to document every new stage. But somewhere along the rocky road of toddlerhood we seem to forget that they are still changing everyday! I loved that she was "frantic" to get a session in this fall. That sense of urgency to "hold on to time" is what makes her such a great mom! Her children are so beautiful...full of spirit and life. I hope I captured that for her!

Oh...where to start?
How about with this young guy?
He pretended to be shy...but I know the real story :)

And before long we were discussing Star Wars and kindergarten and he was full of sweet smiles.

I'm pretty sure I've never met a little guy with eyes quite like his. And I know for a fact it should be illegal to have lashes that long! They ought to win him more than a few dates down the road!

Here's his spunky little sister. I thought their Mom might like these images frames together!

As you can see...gorgeous eyes run in their family. Hers are the prettiest shade of sapphire and just leap out at you...full of fun and just a bit of mischeif!

They make an awfully sweet pair don't they?

J came along on the photo shoot to play. She adores this little gal. Definitely two little girls cut from the same mold...separating them is quite the challenge!

And then there is the littlest guy. Oh is he cute...and such a tease. That sheepish smile was almost completely allusive...he only brought it out to run away from me. But we caught a few!

And who needs a smile when you've got that soulful attitude down pat?

Thanks for spending this lovely day with me! You were lots of fun!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

handsome little men

This weekend we had S dedicated at our church...a wonderful service that allows us to make a commitment to the church and ourselves to teach and raise him to know his Creator. We have so many prayers for him as our son. We pray that God's grace and character will be evident by the way he leads his life. A momentous occasion...indeed. would have been a great day to have my camera battery charged. lovely.

I did manage to snap a few pictures after the service of our sweet little guy. And thankfully the church photographer captured his dedication during the service and should provide a few images for us in a few weeks. Still...

Then yesterday we had some of our favorite friends over to play. With a new baby in their house too, the play dates have not been as frequent as we normally like. This little guy is just the sweetest bundle of baby love! Check out his baby blues!

Of course...we are hoping that the two little guys will be fast friends as they grow! Not sure they have really even noticed eachother yet ;) But a year from now I think they will be serious partners in crime!

I have so many things to blog about these days...but the busy-ness of my schedule as mommy, photographer, wife, seamstress, etc. are getting in the way. I'll be back with more tomorrow I hope!