Monday, March 30, 2009


He was born with fluffy brown hair, side burns, and hair at the temples that connected to his eyebrows. He was cute and furry like a little monkey. Then somewhere around 1 month it all fell off. In a matter of days he was sporting the "balding old man" look. When his new hair started to sprout it grew in quickly and with some serious style...straight up with a serious faux hawk. I LOVED IT! It was so cute and fit him to a T. He's such a little flirt and it made such a great conversation starter at the grocery stores with the little old women. As it grew the hawk started to tame and get a bit scraggly. And I knew it was time.

"who says I need a hair cut?"

So off to my stylist we went. Both my hubby and I see the same gal. And truth be told she was his stylist first and he shared her with me after my stylist eloped to another state. So it was an easy decision to ask her to help our little man get his groove back!

The before shot (comb over and everything)

Not too sure about these scissor things....but playing along.

Checking himself out in the mirror.

Shameless flirting (he's so good at that!)

"I'm lookin good huh Mom!"

A little product and he was one stylin little man!

He didn't cry or fuss...and looks like such a handsome little guy. You're a rock star Super Sam!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

over the edge.

Well a few weeks ago I posted about being on the verge. And it's official. Things here have completely fallen over the edge of sanity. In the 2 days I was gone, my little man learned to crawl. He's been scooching for awhile...but now he is a torpedo on knees. The crawling led quickly to pulling up...and was quickly followed by taking steps. And I don't even have a baby gate yet.

Last week he was still a gum-less wonder...and now he is sporting 2 new teeth (and a third tooth that has cut in about half way).

Remember my new chairs? They are so groovy. I love them with my whole being. I love how they so conveniently match my business colors. They will look so very swell in the shabby studio I have yet to find. I plopped Sam up in them tonight and he began to squeal and belly laugh...about the same response I gave when I first spotted them in the antique store in Grand Island, NE (not exactly a true tropical oasis but the antique shopping is mighty fine).

So we took a couple of pictures with them for fun.

Played the "you wave to me and I'll wave to you" game.

And showed off one of our new Olive Jane diaper covers.

Then we really topped off the evening by taking a peek outside at the girls enjoying SPRING IN KANSAS.

We've got about 5" on the ground and it is still coming. My poor daffodils. They are gonners.

That may have been the clincher for me. I'm feeling more than a bit over the edge...needing some sunshine and a good dose of chocolate. Or maybe just a day of antiquing for a few more treasures.

Hurry up spring.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

absense makes the heart grow fonder right?

come know you missed me :) That must be why my inbox was flooded with pleas for a new blog post. didn't notice you say? Well shoot. Maybe it is just my mom who reads this blog after all. Ah well.

Just got back from a little spring break trip to see a few of my very favorite people. Took a trip to the big, pink house to see The Writer and spend a few days sans kids doing wonderfully delightful grown up things (like antiquing, eating lunch at quaint coffee shops, and talking for hours). I did some photo journaling for a story she is writing on downtown dining for Nebraska Life Magazine. Pretty cool. This little diner will be one of her features.

I got to spend some frivolous time too with some of my favorite nieces. My girls ADORE this little gal. She is low-man-on-the-totem-pole at her house being the youngest. But to my girls she pretty much hung the moon. She took me outside and showed me the ropes....literally. This girl's got some serious jumpin moves!

Check out that face. Talk about determination!

After a brief visit, my sister and I headed to my parent's house to take part in a surprise birthday party for my mom. We've known about it for a few weeks and keeping the secret has been nothing short of a miracle. We had so many flub ups and lies it was comical....and in the end...our entire plan crumbled and my sister called me on my cel phone from my parent's bathroom in a panic that our plans had been spoiled. But it all worked out...and we whisked her off in a limo for a night on the town. THANKS Sharon for a fun night. Look at these wild and crazy gals!

You can say it. Is my mom hot or what? She was such a trooper...especially when I was all..."hey mom, jump up on that train over there and flash me a smile." But she does look awfully cute doesn't she?

We even let her stop for a phone call. Although she may have been making arrangements for someone to come and rescue her!

I checked out a few spots for possible future sessions along the way.

We ended with an impromptu family get together. My sweet husband had planned to coral the kids back in Kansas City for the weekend. Instead he drove them all to Nebraska on Saturday to help me solve the little problem I created when I bought two aqua 1960's armchairs and tried to squeeze them in my Honda Accord. He came to my rescue with the mini van and now they reside in my basement :) They deserve a post unto their own...they are divine!

My Gaga came over for lunch. It is always a special treat to spend some time with her.

And for her to see the kids. I love that they love her.

And now I'm home recuperating from my whirlwind of a trip.

A couple fun family quotes to brighten your night :)

Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts - Unknown
Having a family is like having a bowling alley installed in your brain - Martin Mull
Remember as far as anyone knows, we are a nice, normal family - Homer Simpson
Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city - George Burns
My family is really boring. They have a coffee table book called 'Pictures We Took Just to Use Up the Rest of the Film' - Penelope Lombard

and a sentiment I love:
Having a place to go - is a home, Having someone to love - is a family, Having both - is a blessing. - Donna Hedges

Thursday, March 19, 2009

gallery mounts are fun!

I am slowly trying to replace the wall hangings in our house with my own images. I figure there can't be much better advertising than plastering your own home with images of your adorable children, right? That being said....there was a large blank space on the wall above J's newly done big girl bed. I really wanted to fill the space with something personal, girly, and beautiful. What better than a storyboard of images capturing her simple beauty?

I love the simplicity of these gallery mounts and that they are very sturdy and require no additional (and often costly) framing. This one is 3/4" thick and comes with a beveled edge. If you've had a previous session and are interested in one...just send me an email for pricing. And if you have an upcoming session be sure to mention if you are interested in a storyboard. J's is a 30" square and quite dramatic! Other sizes are available as well. Smaller sizes look fantastic displayed on a tabletop easel!

I've already found J standing a top her bed admiring her likeness. When I unwrapped the storyboard and got it hung above her bed (super easy with a pre-made key hole mount), she exclaimed, "You are the best mommy in the whole wide world...look at me...I'm BEE-U-TEE-FUL!!!" I'd say it was a hit ;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

vintage beauty

She's a beautiful girl. She's compassionate, loving, smart, and sweet.

I wanted to practice a bit tonight near sunset at my favorite tree. She volunteered to go with me which was both shocking and heart warming. So little is the time we get to spend together...alone. She revels in those moments...when it's just the two of us in the car or frolicking through an open field. It's like old times. When we could sit for hours curled into a chair with a good book. Before she had to share the lime light.

She can be so serious and determined. She can be silly and wild...this crazy girl.

I see so much beauty in her sweet nature. How she always tries to please. How she negotiates for the things she really wants. How she takes care of her siblings without being asked. The tears come quickly when she feels she has hurt another. And I thank God for the compassion He has given her.

When she was first born I couldn't stop staring at her intricate details. Her soft, thick hair. The cleft chin my Papa passed on to her before he died. She spent a week in the NICU battling pneumonia and when I drove home that Sunday afternoon alone, my heart broke for her. But today she is strong.

Full of life and a friend to the world. She has taught me so much already about how to love others. And I am so grateful for the chance to love her.

Dance my sweet girl. You are beautiful to me.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

green with envy

I'm feeling a fair amount of envy for all you with green grass. We've had a few nice days here...but everything is still muddy and brown. There is hope...a few stray blades of grass are starting to peak through...but spring still feels months away.

I've been gearing up for some upcoming sessions and took some time today to scout out a few new spots. I met the owners of a nearby acreage who gave me permission to use their extensive property for an upcoming event! They have acres and acres of beautiful land, a barn, and plenty of space to explore. The girls came along for the ride and were more than happy to jump out of the van to explore with me.

I wish I had thought out their attire a bit better before we left. Some brighter colors would have popped a bit better against our lovely brown "spring" landscape.

I just upgraded my photoshop last week and have been playing late into the night...trying to figure out where everything is located. It's going to take a bit of practice...but I thought these vintage washes were kind of fun on these images.

I took a whole series of pictures on this enormous tree on their property. It is truly amazing. I wasn't out at an ideal time to really capture that golden light I love...but thought this image of J was sweet. Kind of a different look for me with the vintagy wash...but I think I like it.
And to give you an idea of the scale of my tiny 4 year old on top of the lowest limb...

Trees like this speak to me in such a powerful way. The strength and beauty that lies within these strong branches. beautiful.

Just like these little girls who kept me company and turned an otherwise boring drive through the country into a giggling, frolicking adventure. I can't wait to get back and try these spots out once we've got just a bit of GREEN!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

on the verge {Kansas City Baby Photographer}

The last nine months have absolutely flown by. I know that is such a cliche..."time flies when you're having fun"...but this little guy has been such an immense blessing to our is hard not to sum up these past few months as "just plain fun".

God knew we needed this sweet little boy. And I am so thankful that I get to be his mom. He is a giggling, flirting, terradactyl-screeching king of boy. He's easy going, flexible (I definitely needed one like that!), and so social. He can illicit smiles from just about anyone at the grocery store...and once they look his way...he wows them with one of his many talents (like squealing gibberish at the top of his lungs).

He is on the verge of so many things right now:
crawling. (he's got backwards down but forwards still needs a bit of work)
pulling up. (he can pull to his knees but his weight seems to send him toppling over)
teeth. (he's got one just peeking up from his gums)
table foods. (he's gumming them up with much excitement)
talking. (he's mastered dada, mama, and nana "Anna")

I feel like he could just explode with all the possibilities in the next few weeks! It is so fun to watch his inquisitive mind learning so many new see his personality coming to life...and to cheer him on in all his new adventures.

I'm usually behind the camera if at all possible. But since my friend was over today for this little photo shoot I opted to jump in and get a few shots with my main little man. I think if I was smiling any bigger in this shot you would be able to see the filing in my back molar. But I said...this little man is FUN!

And since we were all set up for a little photo fun...and this little man just turned 6 months old too...we had to get him in on the action too! We love you too W!

Happy NINE MONTHS Super Sam. Keep growing and learning...we are having a blast watching you!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things I haven't done this week while posing as a single mom

1. paint my toenails (or brush my hair...or even my teeth)
2. make gourmet meals for my family...ok....I haven't cooked at all
3. keep my house sparkling clean
4. hold even one phone conversation without endless badgering from needy toddlers
5. document Sam's 9 month month-day (hoping to do this soon as I am feeling fairly guilty
about this one)
6. mail the birthday gifts that are still sitting (unwrapped) on my bedroom dresser
7. pick up my camera and practice on someone willing to smile
8. finish the pile of half-sewn projects on my cutting table
9. return phone calls (sorry if you are awaiting a call from me...please see above)
10. sleep

What I have accomplished:
1. read countless chapters of Junie B. Jones while snuggling 2 sleepy girls in bed
2. practiced crawling and pulling up with my main man
3. listened to excited stories, tall tales, and juicy kindergarten gossip
4. indulged in retail therapy with a "a bit" of online shopping
5. sat bleary eyed in front of the computer...too tired to get up and actually get to bed
6. folded laundry and prayed for the tiny feet that fit in countless socks
7. missed my best friend and thanked God for a husband who helps out around here
8. listened to a rain storm in bed (and the gentle snoring of a few little bed mates)
9. watched and guided little violin hands getting ready for a big recital
10. yawned and stumbled my way through the day and then woke up and did it again

I'll be happy when our family is all and sound in our home!

And because a post isn't any fun without a picture.

A Day in the Life of Four.

a. lunch habits: peanut butter and jelly with not too much jelly, cheetos, grapes, and a glass of milk.
everyday. no exceptions.
b. a "brave" makes the world a better place.
c. her favorite shoes.
d. little princesses all lined up

Off to check off #10 from my list. night all. sleep tight.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

ding, ding, ding!

We have a winner. are my gal!

I need you to email me a copy of your favorite image! High resolution and full size please!!

Thanks for all the fun guesses! The avocado was a bit easy I think...and to all of you who guessed different types of cheese...hmmm. WHY couldn't Sam eat cheese?

The FIRST one to tell me the answer wins another prize ;)

xoxo til next time!

Friday, March 6, 2009

busy (and a contest)

that pretty much describes things here. Between single-mommyhood, sick kiddos, and a list of other responsibilities...I've been just swamped! One of the things I've been working on is a display for the silent auction at A's school. I've donated a free portrait session and package and needed to create an eye-catching display. I drove myself absolutely crazy toying around with different ideas and being completely indecisive about what direction to take (PLEASE tell me you do this too?) I wanted something that really showed my style...but my eclecticism is a bit hard to capture.

I finally settled on a memo board approach (THANK YOU NANCE for ALL your help!) I printed out a few favorite photos and mounted them to bright acid free papers. The cork board is covered in burlap for a bit of texture and I used my favorite giant green frame. The smaller aqua display was a Hobby Lobby steal. It was once black...but I coated it with some yummy aqua paint leftover from another project. I tucked the rest of my sample photos into a happy lime green album that just happens to match my logo perfectly...and my business cards are resting in one of my many vintage milk glass dishes.

I'm trying not to over-analyze it and knit-pick every little detail (like the fact that the vinyl decal I used for my logo came to me as an oval or that the polyurethane I used yellow-ed my pretty aqua paint).

I plan to rent a space at a few of the local craft fairs this upcoming year and thought this display could be used again then! Until then...I'll hang the memo board in my studio!

Oh...and on a side note. Guess what the baby likes?

Post a comment...if you guess YOU WIN! And will be better than what he is eating!