Tuesday, March 17, 2009

vintage beauty

She's a beautiful girl. She's compassionate, loving, smart, and sweet.

I wanted to practice a bit tonight near sunset at my favorite tree. She volunteered to go with me which was both shocking and heart warming. So little is the time we get to spend together...alone. She revels in those moments...when it's just the two of us in the car or frolicking through an open field. It's like old times. When we could sit for hours curled into a chair with a good book. Before she had to share the lime light.

She can be so serious and determined. She can be silly and wild...this crazy girl.

I see so much beauty in her sweet nature. How she always tries to please. How she negotiates for the things she really wants. How she takes care of her siblings without being asked. The tears come quickly when she feels she has hurt another. And I thank God for the compassion He has given her.

When she was first born I couldn't stop staring at her intricate details. Her soft, thick hair. The cleft chin my Papa passed on to her before he died. She spent a week in the NICU battling pneumonia and when I drove home that Sunday afternoon alone, my heart broke for her. But today she is strong.

Full of life and a friend to the world. She has taught me so much already about how to love others. And I am so grateful for the chance to love her.

Dance my sweet girl. You are beautiful to me.


~love said...

BEAUTIFUL....images, words, girl!

love the 4th image so much!

The Wallace Family said...

SO sweet!

Anonymous said...

Jenn, you did a wonderful job of capturing her personality. She's a lot like her momma. :)

Angel said...

OK, that brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful!

Angel said...

Wow, I just noticed how much of S you can see in the first photo.

Maluhia said...

love the pictures and processing. I joined the nikon family and if you have any tips please let me know. Jonah

nic said...

this is such a precious series...i'm envisioning a storyboard... :)

i see so much of you in her. no wonder she's beautiful.

little pumpkin grace said...

That fourth photo - the color tinted one - Oh, my! It is so beautiful and powerful...a masterpiece! Your sweet words - love at its purest form!

Kristen said...

fabulous photos - what a treasure!

Paula Prass said...

Jenn, these are amazing!!! You must be having so much fun.

Anonymous said...

ok, igot a little choked up.

Meli (Jam) said...

OMG girl. I swear your blog brings me to near tears quite often! Awesome!

And the pics are just gorgeous! She is growing up into such a beauty.


Susan said...

Oh Jenn,
Thank for you for sharing these amazing images of your incredible daughter with us. Your words brought me to tears.