Sunday, May 31, 2009

a special bond {Kansas City Family Photographer}

I'm very fortunate to live on a cul de sac with some wonderful people. It will be the hardest part of moving (if and when that actually happens). These people in particular have become such wonderful giving and fun and our children have such a great time together.

We got together this weekend for some family fun in front of my camera. And since they live right next door I couldn't delay in getting a little sneak peak up for them :)

You might remember "Miss Princess" from THIS session not long ago. Her brother is equally photogenic in front of the lens too!

I adore family sessions...the challenge of capturing the family dynamic and special bonds that grow. I know it is such a stressful event for mom and dad (the outfit planning, preparation, kid corralling) but I hope once they see the is completely worthwhile. We change so much throughout our lives. Each new stage brings challenges and tremendous joy...and each stage should be captured. Those memories should be bottled up...displayed...and rehearsed over and over as never to forget. Family. What life is made of.

To my very special neighbors...thank you for sharing yours with me.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

girls just wanna...

ok...couldn't help myself :) I am terribly behind on my sneak peaks. So this post isn't even a tad sneaky as their mom has already seen her gallery. But, I had to pop in and share a couple of cute shots of the girls together. I'm quite partial to a family of all girls (I grew up in one) and loved how we were able to capture the bond between these beautiful young ladies. The night of our session a major storm was rolling into town and we hurried to complete the session before the floodgates let loose! The girls were so cooperative and fun. These were taken in their backyard...nice huh??

And one with a more vintage feel. I threw these suitcases in the back of my van as I was heading out and I was so glad that I did...they made such a fun prop!

My hope for these girls is that they will grow up to be best friends just as my sisters have. I always tell my girls, "your sister is your best friend for life". What a blessing for them to have eachother!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

work zone

So I am busy planning a birthday bash for a special little someone (gasp!)

Can you guess the theme? (He looks pretty darn cute doesn't he?)

Can't wait to share all the fun little details!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

For Jenni...

cause I know you can't wait 4 more days....

lots and lots more cute smiles too!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

She did a fantastic job. Remembered all her steps and sang out with a loud voice (When You're Smiling)...but didn't look at the audience once. Nope...not even for a split second. I guess she figured if she didn't look they couldn't see her either. I'm pretty sure there isn't much cuter than a bunch of 4 year olds in neon green doing a shuffle step. And minus a wee bit of stage freight...this little one is definitely hooked on the experience. Anything that involves make-up, poofy hair, body glitter, and a costume is at the top of her list!

Way to go J...We are so proud of our smiling little girl!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

11 reasons...

why we adore this little guy who is just one month shy of his birthday.

1. We love the twinkle in your your sweet disposition and tender heart shine through in the way you smile at people with those big, brown eyes.

2. We love how inquisitive you are about the world around you. How you love to try new things (at least once) and greet every new experience with a smile and a squeal.

3. We love your silly those new teeth feel funny in your mouth and how you like to bite them together and wrinkle up your nose when you smile.

4. We love your chubby little fingers. We love how they hold your favorite blankie close to your face, how sweet you look when you suck your thumb, and how when you hold our hands everything feels right.

5. We love that everyone is your friend and playmate. We love that you are social and a shameless flirt.

6. We love how you find amazement in everything you do. And how having you (even after having raised 2 others before you) seems amazing, and fresh, and new.

7. We love your soft hair. How it is turning blond and how big you look with your big boy hair cut.

8. We love your sweet voice. We love your little words and how you are trying so hard to find your voice in this big world. How you mischievously say "uh-oh" BEFORE you drop you toy and how you call both of your sisters "nana"...they love you just the same.

9. We love how you prefer a grilled cheese sandwich and fries to any baby food we could offer. And how you love to sit at the table with us and eat and talk.

10. We love how you love us. Unconditionally and without fear. We love you back.

11. We love the gifts we find in you. The courage to live a stronger life of faith. The contentment to be thankful each day for a new start. The encouragement to slow down and enjoy the small moments of wonder. The belly laughs, snuggles, and joy that make loving you such a blessing.

Happy Eleven months Super Sam!

Mama, Dada, Nana, and the other Nana.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

little sack of sugar {Kansas City Newborn Photographer}

This sweet couple just welcomed a new tiny bundle into the world! She came early taking everyone by surprise. But what a happy surprise she was! Tiny, sweet, and perfect at just 5 pounds. What a beautiful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Thank you for sharing your sweet baby girl with me. She's beautiful in every way and I can't wait to see her grow and change! And thanks to Dawn M Photography for this storyboard template (isn't it cool?) Click HERE to view the tutorial. Warning: you might be lost for hours in photoshop re-arranging and swapping out the endless combination of photo arrangements :)

And on a side note (have you noticed that I have resorted to quickly popping all of our personal life musings into the footnotes of my posts?)....things here are just a wee bit crazy. Did I say crazy? Let's swap that for insane. The house is still for sale and being shown daily which involves cranky kids and me wandering the mall with Clorox blistered hands. End of the year school projects, parties, games, and play dates are at an all time record high. Extra soccer games have been scheduled due to the April showers which apparently didn't realize the May flowers had sprung. Sam has another ear infection. Oh. And an infected thumb. I decided last minute to throw *just a few* things in the neighborhood garage sale which starts tomorrow. And we are leaving Sat. for a road trip to see my niece graduate from high school.

Crazy. Insane. Is it summer yet?

Monday, May 11, 2009

c.u.t.e {Kansas City Baby Photographer}

It is a good thing that Sam is in a different gender category from this little one...or she'd be giving him a running for "World's Cutest Baby". She was my easiest newborn session to date. And she didn't disappoint this time either. All her dark newborn hair is gone and has been replaced by the biggest, most expressive brown eyes. Oh...and did she know how to work them!

Have I mentioned that 6 months is the PERFECT age to photograph your baby? They are full of smiles and can't get away yet!

Those little personalities are starting to bud too. This little gal had a fun new trick :)

And she made it through FOUR clothing changes and even left in a good mood!

Don't you want to eat her up?

So happy to get to watch this little one grow and change. You're my little rock star S. And your mommy and daddy love you so very much. Thanks for playing...see you in a few months!

And I wanted to say a quick HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my Mom, Mom-in-Law, The Writer, The Librarian, and all my mommy friends.

We had a wonderful weekend together as a family. I had the best intention of doing a little photo shoot of me and the kids but the weekend slipped by so fast that it never materialized. I'm really craving a family photo session before my little guy turns one! I got a fun new photography toy, these pretty flowers, and some of the best handmade cards from some little girls ever :)

I'm so grateful for these little ones who have made me a mom.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Classic Beauty

Posting another sneaky peak for some clients today...although I suppose I can't really call it a sneak peak if I don't get the blog post up before I reveal their gallery huh? Oh well...still gonna share!

I found this vintage buggy for a STEAL on my last antiquing adventure and was waiting for the perfect session to use it. And this classic beauty couldn't have made a better model for it! I am so envious of her hair...

And here is sweet little brother with it too. I used the Pioneer Woman's vintage action on these, plus a bit of brightening and contrast...then added a vignette for that classic look.

This little guy wasn't feeling great the day of our session...but we managed to elicit at least a few cute smiles.

I taught this little gal in one of my Kindermusik classes a few years ago and can't believe how she has grown into such a beautiful little lady. I love this sweet and carefree...exactly as childhood should be!

Hope you enjoy the sneak peaks...I'll be emailing your gallery in just a few!

And a list of 10 random household tidbits for those of you who care (read: Mom and Dad)
1. House is still for sale. We've had a few showings and a good turnout at our Open House. Hoping the right buyer is out there looking soon!

2. Just gave Mr. Sam a big boy hair cut yesterday and now he is REALLY looking old (insert SOB here). He is officially the world's cutest baby now. Hands down. No contest.

3. A's crazy snaggle tooth has already grown in. It only took about 12 hours from the time I pulled the other one for the new one to break through. Good news is that it seems to be migrating back down to a more normal spot so maybe she won't look like an alien after all.

4. My house is ridiculously clean. Seriously. It is sinful.

5. I've lost my wallet TWICE this week already. I just came home from Target where they are now holding all of my bags at customer service until I can return and pay for them.

6. A scored a goal at her soccer game on Tuesday night and thinks she is THE STUFF.

7. J is learning to read. It is crazy. She is secretively smart. She tries to hide it from me but I know that girl's got brains. I found her sounding out words in her bed when no one was looking. I'm on to her.

8. San threw up in my favorite shoes this morning. Filled the whole thing up with his leftover breakfast. That was a great way to start the morning for sure.

9. It looks like I am going to get to try out another "fun" new medical apparatus. My GI has referred me to KU Med for a consult on having a gastric pacemaker installed. That ought to be fun huh?

10. I have an obsession with plaid baby shorts. How many pairs do you think are too many? I may have gone a bit overboard.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

someone's got a secret.

She's hiding something...can you guess?

Yep. You guessed it...she's officially the toothless wonder!

It was a bit of an emergency extraction. The next tooth had poked through up in her gums yesterday because she had let this one hang loose for too long. So I booked the dentist apt. and gave her an pull it or the dentist does. That seemed to work ;)

You can see the little corner of the next one peeking through (praying it will come down in a more appropriate place now that there is room...going to see the dentist Friday just to me sure). I had to capture this phase quickly as the new teeth are growing in rapidly.

To me there just isn't anything cuter than a kinder-grader without her teeth. Wow! Has she grown and changed this year or what?

I'm so proud of the little girl she has compassionate, fun loving, and quirky. She is truly such a riot to be around. I wish I could slow time and keep her little a wee bit longer. I wish that after I yanked out that tooth she would have clung to me and wanted hugs and kisses instead of jumping up and screaming "that was so awesome!"

Hope Pearl E. White brings you something extra special my sweet A. You deserve it girl!

Monday, May 4, 2009

the pinkalicious princess {Kansas City Children's Photographer}

This little one won a contest awhile back for a "just like me" session. Even better...she happens to live next door. I've known this little ball of pink for a couple of years now and knew exactly what type of session would capture her princess-lovin personality!

She is as spunky as she is full of life and energy that the personality just bursts out of her. She's got a fashion style all her own with a serious pension for sparkly shoes.

So we brought on the tutu, pink flowers, pink boa, pink lollipops, and a pink magic wand. Paired with her huge sparkling brown eyes...I think the end result was pinkaliciously perfect.

At the end of the session we picked furry dandelions, blew bubbles, and chased the setting sun.

I know her mommy is anxiously awaiting a sneak peak. And since she lives next door she definitely knows where I I thought I better get these up pronto :)

Thanks Princess K for the fun evening, princess chats, and silly games. You shine in every way!

Friday, May 1, 2009

blogging sacrifice

I've been told lately by a few people (ahem....Mom) that my blog is a bit of a bore. So I apologize profusely for not posting more pictures and crazy kid antics. Here are a few recent snapshots of Sam to appease the blogging gods :) If this rain would ever let up I'd have more sessions to share as well! Although, I know what my mom is really wanting is pics of the grandkids...I'm trying I promise!

This photo cracked me up. "Put your hands up kid!" For some reason he always stands like this...too cute. I think it is time for another hair cut. He's got these crazy hairs on the side of his head that stick up like a macaroni penguin. And he's turning so blonde? Why is it that none of my kids have dark hair?

It was unseasonably cool here today...and windy. And did I mention rainy? But during a brief hiatus from the rain, Sam and I ran to the paint store. I drive by this cute little shopping area daily and wanted to try it out as a session location. Glad I stopped today...didn't love it. The cold air didn't help either though. But I did like this cute smirk :) Notice the aforementioned hair!

This is Sam's new face. He has three new teeth in and he likes to bite them together...of course when he does, he scrunches up his face funny. What a silly little guy!

So maybe those will hold my Mom off for a few more days ;) And by then I should have plenty more to share!

Still working on the house and keeping it spic and span. Almost done with the master bathroom remodel. We showed it once today, have it booked for tomorrow, and have an open house scheduled Sunday. Hoping the right buyer comes along!