Thursday, May 7, 2009

Classic Beauty

Posting another sneaky peak for some clients today...although I suppose I can't really call it a sneak peak if I don't get the blog post up before I reveal their gallery huh? Oh well...still gonna share!

I found this vintage buggy for a STEAL on my last antiquing adventure and was waiting for the perfect session to use it. And this classic beauty couldn't have made a better model for it! I am so envious of her hair...

And here is sweet little brother with it too. I used the Pioneer Woman's vintage action on these, plus a bit of brightening and contrast...then added a vignette for that classic look.

This little guy wasn't feeling great the day of our session...but we managed to elicit at least a few cute smiles.

I taught this little gal in one of my Kindermusik classes a few years ago and can't believe how she has grown into such a beautiful little lady. I love this sweet and carefree...exactly as childhood should be!

Hope you enjoy the sneak peaks...I'll be emailing your gallery in just a few!

And a list of 10 random household tidbits for those of you who care (read: Mom and Dad)
1. House is still for sale. We've had a few showings and a good turnout at our Open House. Hoping the right buyer is out there looking soon!

2. Just gave Mr. Sam a big boy hair cut yesterday and now he is REALLY looking old (insert SOB here). He is officially the world's cutest baby now. Hands down. No contest.

3. A's crazy snaggle tooth has already grown in. It only took about 12 hours from the time I pulled the other one for the new one to break through. Good news is that it seems to be migrating back down to a more normal spot so maybe she won't look like an alien after all.

4. My house is ridiculously clean. Seriously. It is sinful.

5. I've lost my wallet TWICE this week already. I just came home from Target where they are now holding all of my bags at customer service until I can return and pay for them.

6. A scored a goal at her soccer game on Tuesday night and thinks she is THE STUFF.

7. J is learning to read. It is crazy. She is secretively smart. She tries to hide it from me but I know that girl's got brains. I found her sounding out words in her bed when no one was looking. I'm on to her.

8. San threw up in my favorite shoes this morning. Filled the whole thing up with his leftover breakfast. That was a great way to start the morning for sure.

9. It looks like I am going to get to try out another "fun" new medical apparatus. My GI has referred me to KU Med for a consult on having a gastric pacemaker installed. That ought to be fun huh?

10. I have an obsession with plaid baby shorts. How many pairs do you think are too many? I may have gone a bit overboard.

Happy Thursday!


nic said...

what a lovely photoshoot...i adore the timeless feel of those images.

L is learning to read, too--today in the van she was guessing the spellings of words by their sounds: car, go, kids, dad. they grow up so fast, don't they?

forty-two. anything over forty-two pairs of plaid pants might be a bit much, but under that, you're good.


Just the Sous Chef said...

LOL about the plaid shorts ... my son is over 3 now and I am STILL obsessed with plaid shorts. I say there is no such thing as too much!-)

Tonya said...

love that buggy...

beautiful always...



mom2four said...

Great pics!

Paula Prass said...

Your photography is just beautiful! Your children are so photogenic. I love coming for visits and drinking in the beauty.

I'll miss seeing you this mkt. I'm just making a few statement pcs this time and I'll be sure to take plenty of pics.

amalia said...

I am amazed at your talents, Jenn! Your photography gives me the chills!!! And by the way... I too am obsessed with plaid shorts. The ladies at Gymboree looked at me like I was nuts when I was furiously trying to snag all the plaid shorts in Joseph's size!

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! LOVE those "finishes" on the pics!!!

Got your package today! Lk about had a FIT!!! :o) THANKS FRIEND!!! It's the "little somethings" that mean the MOST!!!

Have a great weekend!!! :o)

Love, Lala :o)
OH... you can NEVER have TOO MUCH/TOO MANY of a good thing!!! And of course she can read!!! :o)
Glad A's teeth are okey doke!