Friday, October 31, 2008

a boo-ti-ful night

I'll be honest that Halloween isn't my favorite holiday. I do try to put on my game face for the kids...but every year I struggle to really get into the Halloween groove. I despise how every corner drug store decks its store front in gore and guts...and even an innocent trip to grab a few groceries can scare the begeebers out of my kids.

We try to focus on the fun of make believe...and the candy. I'm figuring the money lost to dentist bills is better than the cost of therapy later in life.

It is usually cold and raining (or snowing) and fairly miserable. We truck through the neighborhood bundled in coats that cover the $40.00 costumes for which my children begged. And in my head I'm thinking that I'd rather be home sewing, or chatting...or getting a root canal.

But this year was different. The weather was beautiful, my kids were in high spirits, even little S seemed to have been bit by the Happy Halloween bug. So after an impromptu pizza dinner with the neighbors we all headed out for a night of trick or treating. And I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed myself....even without the candy.

A quick snapshot before school this morning of all three kiddos actually looking at the camera!

J was a little harvest witch. I don't normally condone costumes that promote the "darker side" but this particular witch was just so cute. J kept telling everyone she was a "spooky, stinky, smelly witch" but I think she was just plain sweet.

"now how did that spell go again??"

This just cracks me up...not sure who was more scared by this face!

A wanted to be Minnie this year. She was definitely one of the sweetest in her kindergarten costume parade at school. I love that she seems to have retained that sweet innocence. While her classmates were strutting their cheetah printed Hannah Montana costumes, my little mouse was sheepishly waving to me in the crowd...makes a mommy proud.

S was "Mommy's little Monster". He was actually fairly angelic the entire evening...flashing big gummy grins to everyone who passed by his stroller.

I think he really got a kick out of the entire Halloween experience.

I hope your Halloween was as HAPPY as ours. Here's to warm October nights and other pleasant surprises.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

and another one bites the dust

We're giving Pearl E. White a serious work-out at our house these past few weeks!

And there are still loose teeth in that noggin of hers!

#12 You are the WINNER!

Julie...that's you! So throw me an email at! I have some goodies for you! And for all you nosey folks wondering what kind of good stuff our friend Julie won...I'll be sending her a 3 pack of my skinny mini yo-yo headbands...FUN STUFF!

And because I can't resist and because I am completely infatuated with this little guy.

I missed him so much while I was at market. Sorry to all of you to whom I spoke incessantly (and shared a few too many pictures) of my little man. But he IS cute...and I'm his there.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Markety Market

Home from market...dead tired...but inspired beyond belief! It was an overwhelmingly amazing experience! I have "just a few" pictures to share ;) If you make it through this post you will probably be as exhausted as I am!!

Me and Paula Prass on Friday night at the Meet and Greet (isn't she adorable???)

Mary (Flourishes), Patty (Modkid), and Myrinda (Fabrichound) after the schoolhouse series.

Kathy Miller showcasing the dress I made for Paula Prass (gulp!)

Me and Mary (is that a song??)

Traci (Hip Fabric), Patty, and Myrinda

Me and Patty. Ask Patty about the dorky note I sent into her while she was preparing her booth. Being such a "groupie" I couldn't wait to meet her in I asked some poor unsuspecting woman to deliver a note to Patty while I lingered in the hallway! ya girl ;)

The ever-beautiful Heather Bailey (and me totally star struck)

Sandi Hendersson in her FABULOUS was ridiculously yummy...I want to live there.

Chatting with Patty in her was OVER THE TOP CUTE!

A glimpse at her whole booth! It looked just like a living comfy and warm!

Billboard photos in Paula's booth. That sweet little girl is her grand daughter...notice anything else ;)

Paula's booth...TOTAL eye candy...GORGEOUS and FRESH! And look at the jacket she is wearing made by Mary. You NEED one! I'll be ordering mine soon!

Paul and her beautiful daughter Jennifer. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them in person. They are both so sweet, down to earth, and genuine. I consider it a huge privilege to have gotten to work with them both!

Paula's sample outfits hung sweetly in her booth.

Me, Caroline (J Caroline Creative), and Traci

The most adorable collection of stuffies I have ever laid my eyes on (I think I bought every pattern they make!)...scroll on down for a picture of the sweet owners (Meli and Me).

The gang out to lunch!

Me and Anna Maria Horner....seriously my hero. Gorgeous new fabric lines, published her own book (YES I bought one and had it signed!), and pregnant with #6...need I say more?

In Jay McCarroll's booth (Winner of Project Runway). I tried desperately to get him to agree to let me buy this shirt. He did agree it flattered me...but I couldn't pry it away from his marketing manager (she gave me some story about needing it for future shows...whatever) Hoping Jay strays into designing some KNITS!

AMY BUTLER. SIGH. (please disregard my half closed eye which makes me look like I either smoked something behind the convention center or had a match with Muhammad Ali before visiting her booth. This is after all AMY BUTLER...and although I look ridiculous SHE does not...beautiful, sweet, genuine.)

Me and Chelsea (Pink Fig Patterns) out the dream of all of us mere ebayers!!

Me with my duds (Kathy Miller of Michael Miller fabrics looking on wondering why I am lame enough to actually pose with this dress in someone else's booth!)

One more for posterity

The gals from Meli and Me. They are Australian and just a hoot! We had a great time discussing the proper term for diapers/pampers/nappies, etc. You MUST purchase a few of their patterns (which consequently are NOT for diapers but adorable stuffed animals).

Out to dinner (might I mention that poor P was the token male at this dinner...and responsible for the following pictures). From left to right: Myrinda, Me, Coree (Banberry Place), Traci, Mary, Jona (if you read this I need your website addy again...I seemed to have misplaced your business card!), Sheree (Sheree's Alchemy)

One more of us all lined up!

That's it! I had the privilege of meeting several other sweet gals (including Jona of Fabritopia) but for some reason never stopped to snap a picture.

I'm dreaming of how to procure my own booth at market some day. I have a few ideas up my sleeve...but for now...I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed cheering on my friends and basking in their success.

I'll post the winner of the giveaway within a day or two (the laundry is calling)...I haven't forgotten!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stripes and a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

So I promised a few more stripey pictures. IVYLANE is doing a fun STRIPES theme on ebay this week....I figured it was the perfect time for my little guy to make his ebay debut. So I am making a brief foray into boys boutique fashion. I say brief only because I may never do this again. The urge to sew tiny gingham flowers and ric rac to this outfit was almost overwhelming. Several times I made myself walk away from the table and clear my head...the need to adorn was so strong.

I feel rather proud of this little hoodie (please don't tell me if it is fruity...since I'm doubtful I will attempt this again). Click HERE to see more cute pictures of my guy and view the auction.

Now for the FUN STUFF!

I have been working on making my ~take a bow~ business more concise...working on a website (still to come) and streamlining my business cards and logo. After several hours of design work, I gave up and called in the troops...aka Traci of Leeziebee. If you have never worked with her...she is won't be sorry!

LOTS to do here in the next 18 hours before I LEAVE FOR QUILT MARKET! I will have TONS to share when I return...but until then....let's have a CONTEST?!?!?!

I am so excited for the chance to meet so many talented people in Houston! Make a comment on this post while I am gone and you will be entered to win a SURPRISE prize straight from my sewing studio (don't will be something FUN and FUNKY!!) Just tell me who you would like to meet if you could meet anyone! The more people who post...the better the prize so pass the word and get posting!

Until next week,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

feelin fall-ish

Loving fall at our house :)

It was picture day at J's preschool this morning and little brothers got a session for free as well! I couldn't resist dressing up sweet S in these fall-ish stripes (thanks Nance!) He was such a little ham for the photographer...sitting up in a little director's chair and giving big gummy grins. When we got home I decided to try my luck at snapping a few more shots of him.

He's growing so fast. At four months old he is over 16 lbs. and trying to move! He's rolling all over the place and working on getting those chubby little knees under his belly so he can crawl. He's still going strong on his special formula. We won't try switching him again until 6 months as his Dr. said he failed miserably the last time we tried to switch (seems a bit harsh doesn't it!) He's finally enjoying his cereal and is all giggles, bubbles, and smiles. He has also discovered the joy of his little round toes and is forever pulling off his socks so he can get a better look! Now if we could just kick this fall cold...we might even get back to those wonderfully blissful long nights of sleep!

Stop back tomorrow for more stripey pictures of another kind!