Friday, October 31, 2008

a boo-ti-ful night

I'll be honest that Halloween isn't my favorite holiday. I do try to put on my game face for the kids...but every year I struggle to really get into the Halloween groove. I despise how every corner drug store decks its store front in gore and guts...and even an innocent trip to grab a few groceries can scare the begeebers out of my kids.

We try to focus on the fun of make believe...and the candy. I'm figuring the money lost to dentist bills is better than the cost of therapy later in life.

It is usually cold and raining (or snowing) and fairly miserable. We truck through the neighborhood bundled in coats that cover the $40.00 costumes for which my children begged. And in my head I'm thinking that I'd rather be home sewing, or chatting...or getting a root canal.

But this year was different. The weather was beautiful, my kids were in high spirits, even little S seemed to have been bit by the Happy Halloween bug. So after an impromptu pizza dinner with the neighbors we all headed out for a night of trick or treating. And I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed myself....even without the candy.

A quick snapshot before school this morning of all three kiddos actually looking at the camera!

J was a little harvest witch. I don't normally condone costumes that promote the "darker side" but this particular witch was just so cute. J kept telling everyone she was a "spooky, stinky, smelly witch" but I think she was just plain sweet.

"now how did that spell go again??"

This just cracks me up...not sure who was more scared by this face!

A wanted to be Minnie this year. She was definitely one of the sweetest in her kindergarten costume parade at school. I love that she seems to have retained that sweet innocence. While her classmates were strutting their cheetah printed Hannah Montana costumes, my little mouse was sheepishly waving to me in the crowd...makes a mommy proud.

S was "Mommy's little Monster". He was actually fairly angelic the entire evening...flashing big gummy grins to everyone who passed by his stroller.

I think he really got a kick out of the entire Halloween experience.

I hope your Halloween was as HAPPY as ours. Here's to warm October nights and other pleasant surprises.


Anonymous said...

Too, too cute! They are all just adorable in their costumes. I'm with ya on the sweetness of Minnie vs. the whole HM thing. I'm really hoping L doesn't head that way; I want her to be my sweet baby girl for as long as possible.

Bowznstuff said...

ooo they look so cute and looks like you had a fab night - ROFLOL at the root canal - tee hee :)

Tonya said...

Your kids are so adorable..and that little boy of yours...oh, he is just so dang cute!

Love the images and the kids all look great in their costumes...glad you had a nice night...

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! LOVE the neighborhood shot... looks like your weather was PERFECTO!!!

The kids look ADORABLE in their costumes!!!

Thanks for sharing such a fun night!

Love, Lala XOXO

Erin said...

oh they look sooooooooo cute!!!

Little*Precious Boutique said...

Absolutely adorable...all three of them! Glad you guys had such fantastic weather, that really makes it more fun! :)

Angel said...

I love all of their costumes.

I'm with you on the scariness of Halloween. I hated having to take the girls with me to the Party store for Birthday supplies. Even back in August, they had the most aweful Halloween stuff right at the door. I tried to pass it off as "oh they are just laughing and that's a nice monster." Ugh! Next year, I'm going solo.