Tuesday, October 28, 2008

#12 You are the WINNER!

Julie...that's you! So throw me an email at info@takeabowcreations.com! I have some goodies for you! And for all you nosey folks wondering what kind of good stuff our friend Julie won...I'll be sending her a 3 pack of my skinny mini yo-yo headbands...FUN STUFF!

And because I can't resist and because I am completely infatuated with this little guy.

I missed him so much while I was at market. Sorry to all of you to whom I spoke incessantly (and shared a few too many pictures) of my little man. But he IS cute...and I'm his mama...so there.


Anonymous said...

Well, he's quite the cutie pie so you're definitely allowed the mama bragging. Look at that little face!

Amylouwho said...

He is breathtaking! seriously! I have a 9 month old boy who I think is adorable too. I know how it is!

DId I already mention how much I love your quilt market post?

Anonymous said...

he is too cute and so is your girl!