Tuesday, May 5, 2009

someone's got a secret.

She's hiding something...can you guess?

Yep. You guessed it...she's officially the toothless wonder!

It was a bit of an emergency extraction. The next tooth had poked through up in her gums yesterday because she had let this one hang loose for too long. So I booked the dentist apt. and gave her an ultimatum....you pull it or the dentist does. That seemed to work ;)

You can see the little corner of the next one peeking through (praying it will come down in a more appropriate place now that there is room...going to see the dentist Friday just to me sure). I had to capture this phase quickly as the new teeth are growing in rapidly.

To me there just isn't anything cuter than a kinder-grader without her teeth. Wow! Has she grown and changed this year or what?

I'm so proud of the little girl she has become...so compassionate, fun loving, and quirky. She is truly such a riot to be around. I wish I could slow time and keep her little a wee bit longer. I wish that after I yanked out that tooth she would have clung to me and wanted hugs and kisses instead of jumping up and screaming "that was so awesome!"

Hope Pearl E. White brings you something extra special my sweet A. You deserve it girl!


Lala said...

OH BOY!!! CONGRATS to A (and to you!)... why do they just let them DANGLE there (we have a danglie one currently) :o)

FAB pics!!! Thanks for sharing the GREAT news!!!

Love, Lala :o)

Amy said...

So sweet!
My April, now 10 years old lost a tooth today too. But at 10...she didn't even TELL me it was loose...she says she doesn't need to tell me all these things anymore. Weep, weep. Enjoy them while they are little!!

OliBeli said...

And it makes her even more beautiful! Smooch to little Anna!