Friday, May 1, 2009

blogging sacrifice

I've been told lately by a few people (ahem....Mom) that my blog is a bit of a bore. So I apologize profusely for not posting more pictures and crazy kid antics. Here are a few recent snapshots of Sam to appease the blogging gods :) If this rain would ever let up I'd have more sessions to share as well! Although, I know what my mom is really wanting is pics of the grandkids...I'm trying I promise!

This photo cracked me up. "Put your hands up kid!" For some reason he always stands like this...too cute. I think it is time for another hair cut. He's got these crazy hairs on the side of his head that stick up like a macaroni penguin. And he's turning so blonde? Why is it that none of my kids have dark hair?

It was unseasonably cool here today...and windy. And did I mention rainy? But during a brief hiatus from the rain, Sam and I ran to the paint store. I drive by this cute little shopping area daily and wanted to try it out as a session location. Glad I stopped today...didn't love it. The cold air didn't help either though. But I did like this cute smirk :) Notice the aforementioned hair!

This is Sam's new face. He has three new teeth in and he likes to bite them together...of course when he does, he scrunches up his face funny. What a silly little guy!

So maybe those will hold my Mom off for a few more days ;) And by then I should have plenty more to share!

Still working on the house and keeping it spic and span. Almost done with the master bathroom remodel. We showed it once today, have it booked for tomorrow, and have an open house scheduled Sunday. Hoping the right buyer comes along!


Anonymous said...

So, if Sam and his lovely sisters were MY grandchildren, I, too, would be begging for more pictures!

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Your blog is fab, I take it your mum is dropping lots of hints to see your gorgeous children!! Sam is the cutest thing ever in theses pics!
Fingers crossed for the new house, it looks amazing and good luck with your open day!!
Claire x

carrie-EMAPhotography said...

aww look how big he looks! Is he walking? Jacob isn't even close to walking!