Thursday, April 30, 2009

need clothes?

remember this little guy?

In 10 short months he has grown like a weed and more than tripled his size. My little peanut is turning into a rough and tumble little man with SO much energy!! I know several of you emailed regarding pictures of his outgrown wardrobe so I am providing a link here on the blog just to make it a bit easier. I have a lot of 6-9 month winter stuff too to purge...just need to sort through it all!

So, if you were one of the sweet gals who emailed me you can buy stuff here.

My hubby is home and we are gearing up for a wild weekend of finishing up a few renovation projects and showing the house. Did I mention we are renovating the master bath? Taking it from the "land of brass" to a much more neutral space. But, before the open house on Sunday, we have some drywall repairs, a bit of painting, and a little plumbing issue to correct. Throw in a couple of soccer games and 4 photo sessions and we ought to have a rip roaring weekend!!



Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! OH... I REMEMBER SUPER SAM as the little peanut!!! (And I rmember the outfit too!!!)... How nice htat yu have LOTS and LOTS of pics of him!!! :o)

Glad P is home SAFELY!!! Now get those renos done so you can RELAX!!!

Great chatting it up today!!! :o)

Love, Lala

mom2four said...

Ha! Don't forget to throw in a birthday party also! My heart melted when I saw baby Sam. Oh my!

Just the Sous Chef said...

WOW, now I feel really guilty for going away with my husband and dropping the kids off at the grandparents! :-) Good Luck getting it all done, like I always say - bodies in motion stay in motion (seems like the busier I am the more I can get done!)