Thursday, May 14, 2009

little sack of sugar {Kansas City Newborn Photographer}

This sweet couple just welcomed a new tiny bundle into the world! She came early taking everyone by surprise. But what a happy surprise she was! Tiny, sweet, and perfect at just 5 pounds. What a beautiful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Thank you for sharing your sweet baby girl with me. She's beautiful in every way and I can't wait to see her grow and change! And thanks to Dawn M Photography for this storyboard template (isn't it cool?) Click HERE to view the tutorial. Warning: you might be lost for hours in photoshop re-arranging and swapping out the endless combination of photo arrangements :)

And on a side note (have you noticed that I have resorted to quickly popping all of our personal life musings into the footnotes of my posts?)....things here are just a wee bit crazy. Did I say crazy? Let's swap that for insane. The house is still for sale and being shown daily which involves cranky kids and me wandering the mall with Clorox blistered hands. End of the year school projects, parties, games, and play dates are at an all time record high. Extra soccer games have been scheduled due to the April showers which apparently didn't realize the May flowers had sprung. Sam has another ear infection. Oh. And an infected thumb. I decided last minute to throw *just a few* things in the neighborhood garage sale which starts tomorrow. And we are leaving Sat. for a road trip to see my niece graduate from high school.

Crazy. Insane. Is it summer yet?

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serendipitylovesnewyork said...

She is so adorable, you take the most gorgeous pictures!
I'd buy your house, if I lived near you, American homes are so much more bigger than UK houses, good luck with it all!
Claire x