Monday, March 30, 2009


He was born with fluffy brown hair, side burns, and hair at the temples that connected to his eyebrows. He was cute and furry like a little monkey. Then somewhere around 1 month it all fell off. In a matter of days he was sporting the "balding old man" look. When his new hair started to sprout it grew in quickly and with some serious style...straight up with a serious faux hawk. I LOVED IT! It was so cute and fit him to a T. He's such a little flirt and it made such a great conversation starter at the grocery stores with the little old women. As it grew the hawk started to tame and get a bit scraggly. And I knew it was time.

"who says I need a hair cut?"

So off to my stylist we went. Both my hubby and I see the same gal. And truth be told she was his stylist first and he shared her with me after my stylist eloped to another state. So it was an easy decision to ask her to help our little man get his groove back!

The before shot (comb over and everything)

Not too sure about these scissor things....but playing along.

Checking himself out in the mirror.

Shameless flirting (he's so good at that!)

"I'm lookin good huh Mom!"

A little product and he was one stylin little man!

He didn't cry or fuss...and looks like such a handsome little guy. You're a rock star Super Sam!!


mom2four said...

LOVE IT!! He looks so handsome! Very fun pics!

*jimaie.marie* said...

you have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL children ever!
Sam is just too precious, and so handsome now after his cut! What a big boy :D

nic said...

what a handsome li'l fellow...and i love that you captured a visual play-by-play of his first haircut. absolutely darling.

xoxotova said...

he is seriously delish!

Anonymous said...

He is so cute! It is funny seeing my sister on someone else's blog. :)