Wednesday, April 1, 2009

brains and bribes

So today I had A's final kindergarten conference. She has 2 teachers...and believe me...they filled up that 30 minute time slot with plenty of stories. My quirky, spunky, brainiac child has certainly left an impression on these women. All three of us were rolling on the floors laughing at some of her latest escapades.

Near the end of the conference one of her teachers asked if I could help her out with something..."Can you pull that tooth she's had dangling for weeks...I don't think I can look at it anymore"...was her request. I burst out laughing. If only she knew how hard I have tried. So when A got home from school today I pulled out the big guns and promised a new Littlest Pet Shop if she gave me one good tug.

I guess my new technique worked.


Meli (Jam) said...

Aww. So cute!!!!

jaya pratheesh said...

I guess i will have to take the same route to get ponnu's dancing tooth out. It not only wiggles front to back, but also from side to side!

And aww, that picture is precious!so cute!!

nic said...

haha! nothing like a good bribe, eh?

saddest story ever: my littlest guy (the kindergartner) lost his FIRST tooth last week. while i was 6,000 miles away. in switzerland.

Paula Prass said...

She's a brainiac because her mom is! BTW...did the tooth fairy visit, as well?