Sunday, March 8, 2009

ding, ding, ding!

We have a winner. are my gal!

I need you to email me a copy of your favorite image! High resolution and full size please!!

Thanks for all the fun guesses! The avocado was a bit easy I think...and to all of you who guessed different types of cheese...hmmm. WHY couldn't Sam eat cheese?

The FIRST one to tell me the answer wins another prize ;)

xoxo til next time!


Andi said...

lactose intolerant?

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! TOFU???? T O F U??? EEEEEEWWWWWW... give that boy some IDAHO SPUDS!!! :o)

Well... Andi guessed it... so I'm too late!

Congrats to ERIN!!!

Love, Lala :o)

Angel said...

oops...forgot he was allergic to milk. Wow on the tofu! I've never had it myself.


mom2four said...

Yes, I can't believe I guessed a dairy product as well...especially after the soy yogurt discussions...must have been sleep deprivation.

Rebekah said...

Oh, the odd things little ones decide they like... why can't fall in love with vegetables, then???

nic said...

ooh, sam and i need to hang out...i love me some tofu, too!

hope you're staying happy, healthy, and sane while p is gone. smooches to you!!

Meli (Jam) said...

Whoops. I forgot he had the milk allergy. :)

My little guy is able to eat some dairy now. I have been slowly giving him some things with dairy in it. Tolerating it so far. Yay!

Yikes on the tofu. I cant say that I like it. he he