Sunday, November 30, 2008

family {Kansas City Family Photographer}

I genuinely love my spending time the constant noise of kids and laughter. I love that we got to spend Thanksgiving together in my sister's big pink house. I love that I wasn't responsible for the yummy food. I love that there were enough arms to hold the baby and enough cousins to entertain my girls that the weekend required very little work. I love that we could all be together...and take impromptu family photos in my sister's backyard.

Every year we haul all the kids to a photo studio to try our hand at a "cousin" picture. This year we even tried the entire I know why I don't like to photograph large groups! All the "big people" did just fine...but those little girls and their cheesy smiles...and the baby...we never did get him to look! It was a wee bit cold as well ( mid-30s) and my mom was less than thrilled that I didn't have a hat on the baby!

This is "The Librarian" and her family. She's my older, older sister. I like to say that cause it makes her sound like she's ancient :) In reality she is pretty darn young and hip. Her kids are supposed to still be toddlers running around the backyard...not teenagers with college plans!

"The boys" who happen to be identical twins. They are 13 and towering above me!

"The girls". These two are such fun (can't you tell from the pic!)

Uh...America's Next Top Model called and they want their girls back...

My favorite shot from the afternoon :)

"The Writer" and her family. She is my older sister...just older...not older, older. She's young and hip too and was our hostess with the mostest. They recently bought an amazing 3 story Craftsman's's our new family party house.

Her fun not-so-little-anymore girls.

Another favorite shot! is really rare that my family ever gets a family photo as I am usually behind the camera. We decided to try our luck during the festivities...I prepped my camera...and handed it over to my Dad. Yeah...not thinking any of these are gonna make the final cut :)

I did manage to get a sweet shot of the kiddos together though!

Hope you all had a laughter filled, memory making kind of holiday. Here's to good food, big pink houses, and a camera to capture another year of change!


Angel said...

Wonderful pictures Jenn. Your family looks like a lot fo fun. So glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

You've talked about this pink house so much, I'd love to see a picture of that! I just can't imagine what a pink craftsman looks like. :)


Tonya said...

what a lovely day together and awesome pics that will be treasured!!! Love your little girls' dresses...and that baby boy of yours...I can't say it enough...he is soooo cute!



Little*Precious Boutique said...

oh, Jenn...those are all wonderful, wonderful family shots!

How on earth did you end up with straight hair & your sisters are curl goddesses (is that a real word)...!? LOL

& I can't believe there was no pic of the pink house!! ;)

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! What a GORGEOUS FAMILY!!!

OH... those boys are growing up FAST!!! We share the same fav shot!

Glad you had a nice holiday!

Yea... where's a pic of the PINK HOUSE???

Take good care!

Love, Lala XOXO

modkidboutique said...

What a gorgeous family you have, Jenn! These are awesome pictures. I haven't had a family pic in who knows how long.... sigh

Priddy Creations said...

You have a gorgeous family. Glad yall had a great get together! I would love to see your sister's pink house. :) I love craftsman homes.