Saturday, November 22, 2008

a little R&R

I've been busy these past few weeks with client sessions, proofing, ordering, etc. So once I got these packaged up on Friday night I felt we all deserved a little R&R.

Little S has been sick all week with an ear infection and a viral tummy bug. On Wednesday he hit 12+ dirty diapers by 3 pm...that's when I knew a trip to the pediatrician was unavoidable. He's such a sweet baby....trying hit darndest to be chipper even though he felt like poo (no pun intended). This morning the smiles were back in earnest. So we cuddled and played (and I took pictures of course!)

He practiced one of his newest tricks (by the way...check out those thighs!)

Rolled around a bit.

Played peek-a-boo through the slats on his crib.

Stopped to suck his thumb.

Lounged around on his comfy denim chair.

Practiced sitting up like a "big boy".

And even played with his tootsies for a bit.

So glad he is on the mend...I missed all those gummy smiles!

I also had a newborn session today with some fabulous new clients! Their gorgeous girl arrived a few weeks early and she was such a rock star at her photo shoot. They purchased my "grow with me" package...I can't wait to see her again and see how much she has changed. Here's a sneak peak...I'll share a few more soon!


The Wallace Family said...

glad to hear the little guy is feeling better! tell him i'm grateful for the sacrifice he made for my kids' photo shoot! ;-) his pics are gorgeous, he's such a pretty baby.

Erin said...

Gorgeous pics, Sam is such a cutie!

How do you get such great inside pics? Mine always come out yellow, do you have special lightbulbs?

Dawn said...

I am so glad to hear that Sam is feeling better. Beautiful shots as always!!!!

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! LOVED chatting it up with you! Glad to hear that SS is feeling perky again! Looks like it's time to lower the mattress!

OH MY... LOVING that dresser!

Thanks for sharing such fun pics!


Love, Lala XOXO

Little*Precious Boutique said...

Goodness gracious!!
That Super Sam is SO Super Cute!
LOVE those legs (and I can't believe he's standing up already)!!
Beautiful pics, J! :)

~love said... adore his thighs!!
and if for some reason this little girl turns out to be a little boy, i need some good boy clothes shopping places. i can't find anything good until the 12month size for my nephews! sam always looks so studly! =)