Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meet Maggie!

If you are an ebayer than you certainly know about Laurie and her company *Kandy Kisses*. We have designed together for several years and she is so much fun! A few months ago she contacted me about photographing her newest clothing line and I jumped at the chance to see her amazing work in person. I had a blast preparing the look and feel of the photo session...adding just enough spunk and girlie attitude to compliment these amazing clothes.

You can find the entire line called Maggie HERE on Laurie's website. I have all these pieces at my house and have been drooling over them since the box first arrived! She paired up Patty's Andalucia with several playful dots...and there are countless mix and match possibilities! I know she is going to be wildly successful in this new venture and I'm so proud of all she has achieved...and THRILLED that she allowed me to participate!

I took these photos several weeks ago when the weather was still resisting spring. These girls were such little troopers. They all did such a fabulous job for me. And a big shout out to my friend Nance who lets me borrow her brood anytime I need them!

Now for a few more photos!

Be sure to place your order on Laurie's site before this collection is gone!


Angel said...

I love the paper balls in the trees. What a fun and perfect touch to her gorgeous designs. You're models are just the best. I'm still amazed that you got them all looking cute at the same time. Now that is skill!!!

Anonymous said...

oooh oooh oooh I'm in love with the girls and the colours and the fabric and the dresses and bottoms and the photography and the, and the....

That's what I want to do when I grow up! Sew & play and take pictures.

Jessica said...

Gorgeous girls, gorgeous clothes, fun props, amazing photographer - love it all! Chinese lanterns + pinwheels and parasols = very fun shoot! :)

Susan said...

Oh JENN! You NAILED this... LOVE these pics.
Awesome, awesome work my sweet friend.

nic said...

jenn! these are fabulous, girlie!! as soon as i saw laurie's sneak peak i knew what you had been photographing the other week. :)

love, love, love the paper laterns...what a stroke of genius.