Sunday, April 12, 2009

10 months old

I think I mentioned in his 9 month post that he was "on the verge". Yep...he's definitely fallen off the fence at this point and there is no stopping him! He's a crawling, pulling up, cruising, teeth sprouting machine. We took a little road trip this weekend to spend some quality time with Mimi and Baboo. It was an extra bonus that The Writer and her family came for the day Saturday for the annual egg hunt and Hippity Hop Bunny Shop. I took a gazillion photos...will share those soon!

But back to this sweet boy. He's under the weather (AGAIN). High temps, runny nose, terrible cough. I think it's the flu. He's so miserable and pathetic (in a cute, endearing sort of way) so he's been getting lots of extra snuggles and lovin!

So I'm so glad we took him out Saturday for this quick mini session before he really went downhill. He is so fun to photograph because he bursts into a grin as soon as I call his name...what a flirt ;)

These were his Easter duds. I love that his little overalls were so classic with the monogram. These will definitely go in his heirloom box when he outgrows them (which might be tomorrow as they were none to big!)

He's got three teeth now...and one more just ready to poke through. Can you see them?

My parents have a little gate in their backyard that leads to a path around a pond. It made for the perfect prop...just the right size for him to hold onto.

I like the more classic scenery combined with his dressy outfit. He's one stylin little dude don't you think? I went with a softer post processing and I think I like the more dreamy effect.

We tried out a little wooden garden cart too...but he was such a dare devil and was determined to climb right out.

So we played the "throw me up in sky and wait for me to loose my lunch on you" game...which he thought was great fun, of course!

I never realized how much fun I would have with this little one....he has completely stolen my heart :)


little pumpkin grace said...

Gosh, Jenn - he just gets cuter by the minute!!! I love this set of pics...his sweet grins...that adorable classic jon jon! Gorgeous!!

Meli (Jam) said...

What a gorgeous boy you've got there! He is such a ham. My little man is so over photos he doesnt even look at me anymore. You got some awesome shots of sweet Sam. :)

Swede at Heart said...

Jenn he is so precious, and the photos are TDF and perfect for his little john-john. Hope he gets better soon!

Tonya said...

love that first shot...the framing is great...

what a cutie pie!



Anonymous said...

Jenn, I just can't get enough of that sweet little face! You have such beautiful babies.

mom2four said...

Love him!

nic said...

jenn, i simply cannot get enough of your little man! he is so smiley and gorgeous.

love this photoshoot...especially the light and the gate. superb!

Angel said...

What a handsome little guy! I can't believe he is standing already! I love these photos, his outfit and the setting are just perfect.

erin {tvp} said...

awe lil man is sooooooo cute!!! What a great gate for pics!!! You find the coolest places!