Friday, April 17, 2009

super star

She's a rock star for sure this one.

We took a drive across town today. J's violin didn't survive the crash to the ground when she dropped it mid practice last week. It needed a bit of we took it in for some pampering. On the back of the building was this awesome GIANT cool! The backs of all the buildings on this street all had brightly colored we decided to try out a few spots. I dressed her up in some fun, funky dots *just in case* she felt like hopping out of the car for a few photos ;)

I also played around with a damask texture on a few of these...just for something a bit different.

She really gave me a few super cute images which to her credit was a pretty big deal. Apparently she's sick. As soon as we got back in the car she fell into a deep sleep (there was snoring and drool involved). I drove her through Chick-fil-A as a special treat and she wouldn't even touch her meal. That's when I knew my little carnivore wasn't quite right. When we got home she was burning up...grabbed her blankie and headed straight for the couch where she staid for 3 full hours.

Wouldn't know it here would you? Yeah I'm so not going to get the Mother of the Year award.

So it's official...she's caught her brother's cold and she's a bit miserable.

But darn cute isn't she?


Swede at Heart said...

You weren't kidding! These are FABULOUS! Some of your all time best for sure.

Anonymous said...

awwwww....she`s even adorable when she isnt feeling well!! What a trooper!

Bethany said...

Ahhh yes, she is darn cute!! Your kids are all darling!!

So, once we get back to Kansas I might have to pick your brain on some of your fabulous locations!! :) You have some amazing ones!!

Little*Precious Boutique said...

You must have some location radar built in!! You find the coolest spots!

Meli (Jam Clothing) said...

Darn cute, she is!

Isnt it funny how they can turn from feeling well to so pitiful so fast. Their little bodies just crash. :)

I hope she feels better soon!!!


Julianna said...

Where did you get her flower barrett?

erin {tvp} said...

She is absolutely precious! Hope she is feeling better. Gorgeous pics!

Angel said...

Stunning...really! I love everything about these photos. Hope little J is feeling better already.