Monday, July 20, 2009

"stay sweet"

Hard to come home from a fun filled weekend with a few of my all-time favorite gals. I met these girls in high school (a few of us go back as far as elementary school, 4-H, and even kindergarten!) I always look forward to seeing them as they are all genuinely beautiful women inside and out. We gathered together in Minnesota for the weekend and I didn't even get one mosquito bite from their state bird! But whoever ordered the chilly weather is in deep trouble. Our 4 hour boat ride (although arguably one of the most fun activities of the weekend) was so chilly we were forced to add socks to our flip-flopped feet and blankets tucked under our chins!

Our sweet, innocent driver "Kyle" was having his 19th birthday. Poor boy...stuck on a boat with a bunch of 30-something gals gossiping about their pasts. We took a few photos with him and offered to tag him on facebook. But after seeing his look of sheer horror and hearing his comment, "YOU guys are on facebook", complete with utter shock....we politely dropped the subject :)

After the ride we did our best to wash the fishy smell off so we could head out to dinner at Chino Latino. We had so much fun people watching, laughing over the menu, and screaming at each other over the loud roar. If you are in the Minneapolis area you should definitely check it out...lots of fun!

We did a quick trip through the Minneapolis Sculptor Gardens, ate at some cute little cafes, and spent COUNTLESS hours pouring over our yearbooks...amazing how much we THINK we have changed...but really haven't.

Must mention I flew Northwest...yeah. May have to be the last time. Our flight got delayed 5 HOURS going up there and they lost our luggage coming home despite the fact that we had a direct flight. But heck...I got TWO $5.00 meal vouchers so I guess I'm good.

So in honor of our weekend, girls...a fun new "senior quote" just for you :)


"Stay Sweet" you all!


Erika said...

You were in my neck of the woods! Did you go boating on Lake Minnetonka? Chino Latino is sooooo much fun! We're tired of the crummy weather too - it made into the 70's yesterday and today though! Glad you still had fun here - love the pic at the Sculpture Gardens. Have to say though that you didn't really fly Northwest as they no longer exist - it's Delta now! NWA didn't have the best rep to begin w/ but it seems to have gone further downhill since Delta took over!

Rebekah said...

Ahhh, a girl's getaway is always nice!! Y'all are so cute with your pretty smiles :)

Is that a giant marachino cherry on a spoon??? I'm there!

Angel said...

Hey, you were right in my backyard! Yep, we are sick of the weather too, it feels like fall already. Can you believe I've never been to the Cherry and the Spoon, or Chino Latino? LOL I should look around here like I don't live here and see what I'm missing. Glad you had a fun girls week-end. Sorry about those skeeters.

Kass said...

Jenn! What a great post! I'm no longer lurking - actually leaving a post. It was truly a great weekend. I hope I'm around for Cabo 2116, but 2016 might be a little more realistic. ;-)

ps - Ella already has a pile in her room labeled, Kansas City stuff - I think she's ready for our girls' weekend!

nic said...

i love that you got to do this! it's such a treat to catch up with childhood friends.

adore your red top, btw!