Thursday, July 16, 2009

leavin on a jet plane

...for a girl's weekend. I picked up my own girly girls yesterday. We made it back to the house this afternoon just in time for me to pack up for my next adventure. My sister (The Librarian) is my hero for this week. She wore my girls out so thoroughly that they came home to me the epitome of pure exhaustion which translated to LONG naps at my house...which makes me insanely happy :)

While we were gone for 24 hours, a crew completed framed out the girl's new playroom. Don't worry...I'll be photo journaling the entire project (hurray, hurray!) Next step...electrical and drywall.

Be back Sunday with lots of pictures of my fun getaway!


kim said...

Enjoy your weekend!!! :)

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! OH... those pics of SS are ADORABLE! He sure is growing fast! LOVE the rocking horse! Glad the girlies had a fun time on their getaway! Hope you enjoyed the weekend!

Can't wait to see the pics of the renovations!

Home now and settled back in...

Touch base when you can!

Love, Lala :o)