Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"The Club"

We lost our dream house on Sunday, June 28th (the fact that I know the date shows just how scarred I was by the turn of events). Monday, June 29th we started making our wish list...things we want to do to our current home to help ourselves fall in love with it all over again. The love is still there...just buried deep within the clutter of everyday living. I still love the fresh white woodwork, the hardwood floors, and the bright open floor plan. When we bought the house my husband was salivating over the vinyl siding and 30 year comp roof. But truth be told...I'm an OLD house kind of gal. So we are working on adding in a bit of character and charm (and a bit more functionality) to our space.

First on the list: "The Club"

About a year ago my husband realized there was a great amount of space being under utilized in the attic adjacent to A's room. We began dreaming about the ultimate playroom for the girls tucked into the eaves of the house. We thought it would be a little cubby...barely enough room to stand up. A window above our garage was just visible through the crawlspace. A few weeks ago we had an architectural engineer come and look over the space. And lo and behold...he gave us permission to cut out the roof rafters (we were slightly concerned about a massive avalanche). His crew framed out the space during the couple of days my girls went to my sister's house. My sweet hubby has been wiring and insulating all week...and this weekend...the drywall goes up!

A has a giant hole in her room where the door will soon be installed! This is the view into the room before the beams were removed (we cut a hole in the "roof" so you could see the hidden window).

And this is what that area looks like now!

I am so in love! We are going to build a window bench, with cubbies for toy storage, under the window. I've got a vintage chandelier to hang from the top of the peak in the roof. And the girls just helped me pick out these cute chairs and some comfy pillows to match :)

The space is "T" shaped. Looking from the doorway to your right is a smaller cubby space.

I'd like this to be a reading nook...complete with a bookcase and a little lamp.

Looking from the doorway to your left is another small space. This one leads to another decent sized room that will be used for storage. (This means that everything in our store room can go upstairs...our store room will get finished out complete with the built-in desk and cupboards that are currently in our basement family room...and our family room will get a new "L" shaped sectional...WHEW...tired yet?)

I've also purchased a great woodland vinyl decal set from Target (couldn't find it on their website) and THESE great chalkboard decals too. Some polka dot Pottery Barn curtains, buckets, and frame mats should complete the look. I'm still trying to figure out flooring options. Anyone know a great source for cute carpet squares?

So that's "The Club". Can't wait to show you our progress!


carole said...

How fun! Have you checked out FLOR for your carpet tiles? http://www.flor.com/service/flor/shop/tiles/style.html
Some of their styles are also available at CB2.

Kass said...

Love it! Can I come play there? That looks like so much fun.

Jessica said...

I love the new owl pillow and line from Target! Have you seen the new line they're carrying from Oopsy Daisy? I believe the made for Target line is called Oopsy Daisy Too. It's got lots of owls, birds, flowers, branches and cute colors too. the boy line has cute cars, airplanes, etc. Lots of fun decals, growth charts, accessories, etc.

Can't wait to see the finished product!!

~love said...

i love the shape of your space so much more, but everything else? you just described my girls little "club" that we designed for them in the space under the stairs!!

it's got a little square window, a sample size sliding patio door (like 4 feet), vintage-y chandelier, pottery barn baskets & polka dots! =)
now--we need that owl! =)

cannot WAIT to see yours. i love, love, love the cottage-y layout of the room! =)

Susan said...

Ohhhh will you adopt me? That is going to be the sweetest room! I can hardly wait to see the finished product... I'll bet the girls are way too excited about this:)

Mandy said...

Oh, Jen! I'm so sorry about the house...I know how excited you were!

You'll rekindle the flame & fall in love again..."The Club" is a fabulous start! ;)

Can't wait to see!!