Thursday, July 23, 2009

happy in my house

I woke up in a bit of a funk today. Maybe it's sleep deprivation or the saw dust getting to me. But I am determined to snap out of it and get on with enjoying the day. So I took a 5 minute hunt through my house with camera in tow...looking for evidence of happiness. There was plenty to find.

The evidence (from left to right):
1. a kitchen table full of creative pursuits
2. new packaging for client goodies
3. happy birdies with a funny story
4. a vintage find for "the club"
5. creative tidbits cluttering my countertops
6. a reminder of my favorite people
7. a finished project (GOODBYE GOLD!)
8. the aftermath of little girls and dress-up
9. pretty baubles made from special hands
10. hard work
11. lazy mornings
12. back to school shopping with my favorite 1st grader

Lesson learned: Happiness isn't too hard to find.


Bethany said...

Hope your day is getting better! I woke up in a funk myself yesterday!! We all have those days!!

It was fun to see what makes you smile!! I would love to hear a bit more about that new packaging for client goodies if you are up for it!!

Back to cleaning...gotta get this upstairs DONE!

Lala said...

Hi Jenn! Lk loved the birdies all in a row! Notice a bit of a green theme on the BTS shopping!

The "funkiness" must be widespread today... feeling a bit of the same...

Loved the pics of the KICKS!

Have a great day!

Love, Lala :o)

mom2four said...

Where is the picture of the M&Ms...I've found my happiness in a bag the past 2 nights!

Ann said...

I agree with LaLa, I think the funk must be widespread! i've had the weirdest day. I thoroughly enjoyed your post though. :) A great reminder about having a peaceful heart.

The Wallace Family said...

thanks for my daily dose of happy! i just love how you bounced back from the disappointing news of the house falling through...way to go, you're my kinda girl! I've realized that I need to stop waiting around until I can afford to do this, or have time to do that, and JUST DO IT! We painting my kitchen cabinets in anticipation of the family visit, and I love them! I've been coming up with all sorts of projects, thanks for the inspiration!

Erin said...

I probably need to take a walk around and do the same thing, and get out of this "waiting for baby" funk!

I really love the stripey and polka dot bags! Where did you get them?! I must have some!

nic said...

the BIRDS! i love THE BIRDS! actually, i'm loving all of the colorful bits of happiness at your place, but those birds are just killing me. :)