Monday, July 13, 2009


Just coming back to share a few more snapshots from our Fourth of July celebrations. I had grand plans for an entire sibling mini photo shoot...even bought Sam a new pair of plaid shorts for the occassion. But just as the family fireworks extravaganza was about to little guy lost it. Maybe it was a reaction to the whole milk we gave him at dinner, my loud and crazy family, the loud booms echoing through the streets, or a combination of the whole spectacle. But whatever was wrong...he was determined to LET US KNOW. And by the time we got him calmed down (2 1/2 HOURS LATER)...the show was pretty much over.

So this year I'll have to settle for a few quick snapshots I took with a camera in one hand and a screaming baby in the other!

The biggest smile I got that night from Mr. Grouchy Pants (this we BEFORE the major meltdown). As you can see...he wasn't feeling it.

A's safe spot just inside the door the The Big Pink House. Apparently Sam wasn't the only one.

Maybe I'll dress them all back up and try again for a cute family shot. Or maybe we'll just hope for less screaming next year :)

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Lacey McKay said...

That sparkler pic is so cool!