Sunday, July 12, 2009

sunday snippets

1. Yesterday my sister was in town for the day. We met for a quick dinner before she headed back home. Over chips and salsa I jokingly suggested to her that my girls should come home with her for the week. The next things I knew, I was rushing home to pack up their little suitcases for "Aunt Camp". An hour after dinner they were all buckled in and driving down the street ready for their new adventure...and I started missing them immediately. It's quiet here. I'm hoping to get a few projects started while they are off having a blast. This morning I woke up missing the little pitter patter of feet, missed fixing waffles with tall glasses of milk, and missed their crazy bed heads snuggling me on the couch! I took a quick snapshot of them waiting by the door with all their overnight gear :) (I didn't take the time to set up my camera...just grabbed it off the table so the settings are all funky...but the sentiment is too sweet not to share!)

2. Sam is TOTALLY into books. They are his new obsession. He carries them everywhere around the house and loves to sit and "read" them. I am dying to get a video of him babbling away with one of his books. He has the cutest little sing-songy voice that he does whenever he looks through the pages. At bedtime he goes immediately to his bookcase to pick out a book. He pulls one down, looks at the cover (he even scowls his little brow like he is really contemplating the title of the book)...and then throws it over his shoulder. He'll do that several times before he finds one that he likes. Then book in hand, he scootches his little bum toward you saying "uh-uh-uh-uh", until you pick him up and read to him. I'll never get tired of cuddling him with a good book!

3. I decided to try my hand at making some hair flowers this week. I normally buy them from vendors on etsy but I was in a hurry to get a few different colors made up. Kind of a fun little project. I'm not sure mine turned out as great as the ones I've ordered but I think they'll pass :) Now that I know how, I can continue to expand my ever-increasing stash :)

4. I realized last night (about 30 minutes after the girls left) that our family pictures with this amazing photographer are going to be hard tonight :( Can you believe I did that? I ran through the weekly calendar in my head before I let the girls out the front door and completely forgot about our session. Talk about feeling like an idiot!! Hopefully we can re-schedule as I was SO looking forward to our session.
5. Last night we pulled some cabinets off the wall in our basement. We are working on doing some re-arranging in our house. An attic space next to A's room is getting framed this week to become a new playroom for the girls. We'll also have storage space up there which will free up our store room downstairs. All of my sewing stuff will move into the old storage room (after we get it finished). Then my old sewing area will become a new family room (after we buy a couch). Kind of a big bummer when we ripped up the cabinets to find there was NO CARPET under them...OUCH. Not sure what we are going to do about that...that wasn't part of the master plan!

Hoping for lots of productivity in the next few days before I go pick up the girls. I promise to share my progress :)


Mandy said...

You are SO funny! I did the exact same thing last month with Evan & a photo appointment! I know you will miss the girls, I am always so miserable when my kids go visit my aunt.

Does this mean you are not moving? I can't wait to see pictures of your home improvement.

& those pics of SAM...LOVE those legs!!

Noelle said...

The photos of the kids are so sweet. My daughter is 4-1/2, and I was touched by the one of your girls by the front door, suitcases packed...flash forward 13 years and she'll be on her way out the door to college :( Seems like just yesterday she was barely a toddler, carrying books all over the house and "reading" them, just like your little guy. How does the time fly so fast?!