Monday, July 13, 2009

buckaroo {Kansas City Children's Photographer}

My little buckaroo. When did you turn into a walking, jabbering, little boy?

I'm trying to rejoice in every new step...honest I am. Trying to remember each new thing. How you've learned to point with that chubby index finger at the pages in your books. How you say "Hi Dada" with a tiny, squeaky voice into your play cel phone. How you look when you smile with your teeth pressed together crooked and your nose wrinkled up. Honest I am.

But can you slow down? Don't you realize how quickly you are becoming your own little person... stretching the boundaries and searching for ways to conquer the world around you? How your once tiny fist now holds my fingers with force. How you walk with a purpose. How you laugh from the deepest depths of that chubby tummy.

Let's savor this month of silliness and long cuddles.

Let's remember who's boss. And Mommy says to quit growing baby, ok?

{Pioneer Woman's VINTAGE action}

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Angel said...

Simply adorable! Love the vintage look.