Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello Mr. Blue Eyes - Part 2 {Kansas City Baby Photographer}

Remember THIS sweet little man? We had another date together...and those gorgeous blue eyes still completely melt my heart. It is probably good he is already taken, the temptation to grab him up and run off with him is so strong :)

But as you can see...his significant other is mighty smitten with him as well.

I think 6-8 months is the perfect age for portraits. It seems to be the window where little personalities burst forth, babies are more tolerant of longer sessions, and most importantly...they can't get away!

Until having one of my own...I never realized how partial I am to these little men. This one in particular was just so sweet. His inquisitive nature was out in full force. Every basket got scrutinized. Every blanket was thoroughly examined. Not a blade of grass went unseen by this little guy. But he wasn't the only one taking in all the little details.

At the end of the session we decided to change him into his baptism outfit and I loved this final image. We work so hard to get those cheeky grins...but sometimes it is the serious faces that really tug at my heart.

Thanks Mr. Blue Eyes for the fun date...can't wait to see you again soon!

(On a side note: It seems that whenever I re-size my images in Photoshop and load them to my blog I lose a significant amount of clarity. I don't have time to re-edit each image at a smaller size and still be able to post to the blog for sneaky peaks for my clients. Any photogs out there who have any great suggestions? Pretty please? With sugar on top? And maybe even a cherry!)


Lacey McKay said...

Well, since the name of my biz is now "A Cherry on Top", I figured I'd be the first to reply. I did notice that these images looked a tad out of focus, even before you mentioned it, and I knew this was not typical of your work, so it's good to know that the originals look good! I always do one last unsharp mask, after I resize them and that seems to do the trick. Your pictures have always looked tack sharp on my computer...until today! Did you do something different this time?

Stacy said...

How sweet! I love the shots of the mom & baby together!
I always use a free action from MCP that resizes and sharpens specifically for the web.

Jenn said...

Thanks Lacey...are they too sharp now? I re-loaded them after doing another unsharp mask. Off to check out MCP's site too. In the past I have always edited them over for the blog but that just eats up way too much time!

Thanks for your help gals!

nic said...

hey sweets! awesome shoot...what a looker that little fellow is. :)

i do just what lacey said: resize then sharpen for web. seems you've got it worked out, though.

Meli (Jam Clothing) said...

Hey Jenn, I like to use flickr because they resize and have a couple sizes to choose from. I dont like when blogger resizes images. It's never as clear for me. :)

hugs girl, these photos are awesome!! What a cute little guy.