Wednesday, June 3, 2009

object of my affection

So I recently found this bookshelf at a local flea market. Yeah. Love at first sight. I'm pretty sure I did some sort of funky dance in the middle of the sale. And probably a loud "whoopie!" or something equally embarrassing. It was a steal at half off so it got loaded right into the van, carried down the stairs, and is now residing in my basement with my funky damask chairs and other photography novelties (wow...worded like that my basement sounds like quiet a fun place huh?)

I'm going to get busy and get myself better organized. Yep. That's the plan. It's a great spot for keeping presentation boxes, tissue, proof books, etc. I grabbed some fun lime baskets at the Dollar Store today for filing all my back-up clients CDs too which will fit nicely here.

A few baskets of hair yummies I use for clients and a collection of mini scrapbooks for clients.

Aren't these thank you cards fun? Home Goods! (I could live there)

This little one was having fun digging through my hair pretties while I organized and someone thought he made a cute model (not naming any names here). The color is a bit funky but I'm too lazy to correct it...not thinking this photo will make it to our wall display :)

I pulled over one of my damask chairs just to show how cute the set up looks together. Man, I love old, used stuff. And the best part of the bookcase is that it is on casters! And the back is finished too...can't wait to try it out as a mini backdrop for a baby session.

I'm hoping that this whole set-up will go into my new studio in my NEW house...that I don't own yet. We are still trying to get our current house sold. I'm still trying to be patient and wait. I'm still decorating the new place in my mind. I'm still wondering if the right buyer will come and fall in love with our house. I'm still...I'm still....


Jessica said...

That bookcase is scrumptious!!! Perfect shade, perfectly aged...such a fun spot for a newborn session!

Ahhh, I love anything aqua, robin's egg blue, turquoisey...I blame it on my birth month being aquamarine/pisces/water - all things blue and calm make me happy :)

jen hinz said...

Hi Jen!
I've visited with you before (via blog) about taking pics of my daughter, Evie. I live in Wichita and we scheduled a time to get together last year, but it ended up not working out. Anyway, I am actually heading that way in a few days with a good friend of mine who is moving there. We are coming up to look at houses and I just thought maybe we would look at yours? Is it currently listed on a realty website? That way I can pass along the info to her. Anyway, I know how frustrating selling a home can be! My friend has 3 girls, so your home might just be what they are looking for! Thanks a bunch!
Take care!
jen hinz

Jenn said...

Ok, if my house ever sells and we get a new one, will you come decorate! I love your eye. I just don't have that. That bookcase is great!

amalia said...

LOVE LOVE the bookcase, Jenn. I've been looking for an "old" bookcase for Sophia's room for over a year...and I just can't seem to find the one with the right "personality!" I love the color! And of course the little fellow with the flower in his hair is pretty adorable too!

SoSoBella Designs said...

oh my gosh, its perfect! perfect! i love it. and the color, did it come that color too? you lucked out, right place at the right time.