Sunday, February 22, 2009


I've begun to find Sam in some strange places...under the couch, under the bed, tangled up in his exersaucer, setting the alarm off on the weather radio, etc.

I can't say he is really crawling...propelling, yes. log rolling, yes. spinning in circles like he is chasing his tail, yes. This weekend he has learned to get on all fours from the sitting position and is quite proud of this feat. Although, after a few moments of rocking back and forth, and looking longingly at the object he is so eager to reach, he usually buckles under his own hefty weight. But he is getting around. And I think this baby-proofing thing is going to have to get underway before my husband ditches me for another couple of weeks (fear not...I've called in the reinforcements again!)

We've got some suspicious behavior brewing again....general fussiness, refusing his bottle, drippy nose. And while I'm blaming it on his swollen gums that should be producing teeth any day I'm secretly thinking he might be brewing ANOTHER ear infection. And I've been right every time (except that one time...but that didn't count).

So we are getting in lots of extra snuggles, and cuddles, and games of pat-a-cake (his personal favorite). I'm more of a peek-a-boo kind of gal. I'm also thinking that first hair cut might be unavoidable in the next few weeks. He's got some long strands that are going to require a serious comb over or a ladybug clippie. I'm thinking that if I just snip a few ends on my own I don't really have to count it as a hair cut right?

Hoping in the next few days I'll have my ultra happy little man back!

Until to dust off that baby gate!


mom2four said...

I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE that first pic!

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! Well... "they" say the best way to babyproof is to "be the baby"... so... logroll, propel, skooch, just like SUPER SAM... but don't bump your noggin on the furniture!!! Hope those teeth make an appearance soon!

Touch base when you can!
Love, Lala

Sara said...

Sam is just so adorable!! Kylie, my youngest was every where! We swore she would be an early walker like her big sis, but she decided walking on her KNEES was better! haha. I had to buy her new jeans and sew patches every week! Even on cement she would knee walk, then finally at 19 months she decided she would actually walk on her feet, for her big sis that is!

OK, sorry for babbling, kids are just way too cute and do the funniest things!!

OH, for Sam's hair, one cute thing some of my girl friends do with their boys' hair is spike it a little. Nothing very drastic or anything, just a little to get it out of their faces!