Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nanny 911

Please tell me I'm not the only mom out here who would like to make that call?

We've been struggling with a couple of "issues" at our house over the past couple of weeks. I'm determined to nip some less-than-desirable behavior in the bud before things get worse. Unfortunately, my children seem determined to win this battle as well!

Can someone tell me WHY it is so hard to sit in a chair at dinner? A is such an animated gal..she talks with her whole body. But this makes dinner a tad tricky....she is always jumping from her seat in excitement, crawling under the table to pick up a dropped napkin, or scootching her chair over to be a few inches closer to her sister. We've tried several tactics (including taking her dinner away) to coerce her into sitting still in her seat. I know this isn't too much to ask as her 4 year old sister handles this request quite nicely.

Last night we had chocolate cake. And while I was cleaning up the kitchen I could see A squirming and goofing around her in seat. Just as I opened my mouth to issue a final warning her plate teeter-tottered right off the table and smashed to the floor...bursting into a thousand pieces...and sending cake flying throughout the kitchen. The howling that ensued would have woke the dead....because....SHE KNEW. No. More. Cake.

The next battle started this morning when J insisted I pack a snack and water bottle for her trip to preschool. I declined (her preschool is less than 5 minutes from our house and one of their first activities is snack time!) INSERT HUGE TANTRUM HERE. I continued to pack her backpack and wrestle her brother into his car seat. With a final warning to "stop all grumpy behavior", we loaded into the van. That is when Mr. Bear came hurtling toward me from the back of the van...accompanied by a loud "HMMMPPPHHH!" Out of the van we went...back through the door...and up to her room for ANOTHER time out.

I'm exhausted and it is only Tuesday.

I love these girls. And I know the investment in character building will be worth it in the end (and makes me love them even more)....but today I could really use a break. Or a trip to the spa. Or maybe a cruise.

And did I mention that Sam does indeed have ANOTHER ear infection? {Sigh}

And because this post is awfully whiny and more than a bit pathetic I thought I would share some pictures of one of my new studio products....storyboards! This one is 20x10 and includes baby's name and up to three descriptive words.

And this one is a giant 30" square! Pardon the plastic...I had it ready to deliver to a client and didn't want to unwrap it again and risk any damage!

If you have had a previous session and are interested in having a storyboard created please email me for details!

The sun will come out tomorrow...right??


shawna said...

Can I just vent here too.. because I read your last two posts and thought they sounded so much like me. Yesterday at preschool my 2 1/2year old meets me at the pick up door with "I had a bad day." and her teacher gave me that "so did I look" and my 10 month old is "worming" his way into every nook and cranny our home has... and I contemplated a camo "clippie" for his lovely locks- which may I add are almost as long as his sisters because hers DONT GROW!

Angel said...

Love the storyboards! Great idea.

You are NOT alone. I'm not much help though. We struggle with the sitting at the table too and have resorted to strapping her in to a booster seat. But then she just pushes the table away and into the person across from her. Then we turn her around for a time out. Rinse...Repeat...

I would love Super Nanny to come to my house for a week..a month...maybe a year.

Whoever says we aren't born sinners, hasn't had to teach a child to be good. ;)

Good luck and keep us posted on any breakthroughs you have.


Little*Precious Boutique said...

I had to laugh reading this, because I've had a pretty stressful week so far (and it's JUST Tuesday) too!

Hang in there, Jenn!
Your girls are just at that age that any little disruption of schedule messes them up! Not to mention you have one in that wicked 4/5 year (not that YOURS is wicked, but both of mine sure were)...AND the fact that you have THREE kids...(3 is just plain ole HARD)...

Just be consistant & make sure you make time for YOU...it will get better.

Big hugs, pal!

Jenn said...

Can I tell you that you are so not alone. I think Chase & A secretly talk to each other about how to make the biggest disturbance at the table. Maybe they compare notes or brainstorm new ways...
I'm thinking 6 is rough. I'm thinking the crisis nursery might be safer some days!

And your right about the character and the investment, but some days "AHHHHH!"

Erika said...

Right there with ya sista!
Squirmy 7 yr old at table spills milk regularly while entertaining his siblings w/ his antics. Strong willed 4 yr old needs a snack or a movie (which we only watch on long trips over 1 hr)on way to or from preschool (similarly only 4 minutes away) and 1 1/2 yr old who is into EVERYTHING - climbing chairs, shelves, toys etc to get there - is having tubes this Thursday after 6 ear infections in just over a year (4 of those times he had double rounds of antibiotics since the first didn't work)
I feel like I'm reading about my life sometimes when I read about yours (complete w/ travelling hubby) - only yours seems much prettier thanks to your rockin' photography skills! I just keep telling myself that someday I'll wish they were this little again. Sorry for the long post.

The Wallace Family said...

ah yes. jenn, you could totally switch out the names and that would be a description of my daily life. so don't sweat it. well, i know you will, because we moms always do. just stick to your guns and it will pay off. just in time for that cruise. ;-)
p.s. LOVE the storyboards...i'd love to see sam's too. btw, get better soon little guy! aidan just got strep, can you believe it? can't wait for spring...

Noelle said...

I empathize with you, but also had to laugh. I've seen so much of the back of my daughter's head lately at the the dinner table that I'm tempted to take a big black sharpie and draw a mouth on it...I'm sure it wouldn't be any harder to feed that 2-D one than the real thing!

As for the snacks...I gave birth to the snack queen of the universe. I don't have a single friend that ever packs snacks when we get together, because they all know I'll be packing! lol

If you ever have a chance, stop by my blog, http://featheredbythemoonlight.blogspot.com/. I'm sure you can relate to my two most recent posts ("At the Library", and "How Many Times")

Glad to know we're all not in this alone! And, P.S., is there no end to your creativity?!

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! OH... those storyboards are FAB U LOUS!!! LOVE THEM!!!

Love your little rascals too :o)... I have found ANY ATTENTION... positive OR negative is acceptable for a child... they really can't/won't "see" the difference...

Watch the moon phase... *wink*

I'm here if you need an "adult" chat :o)

Love you friend! Lala :o)

Kay said...

Just a word of encouragement "This too shall pass". You have such beautiful children! An experience with ear infections to share: Chiropractor! Look for one who specializes in children. My grandchildren go and if they do get an earache, it doesn't last. They don't use manipulation on children. My grandchildren love going and it works!

jaya pratheesh said...
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jaya pratheesh said...


i read this article last week.. while it does not help, it does bring a new perpective. be sure to read the comments too:)

and yes, the same thing is happening over at my house too!

Whitney :) said...

Yes, the sun will come out tomorrow ... and this too shall pass ... just keep holding your ground -- you're doing the RIGHT thing! The minute you let them think THEY are boss is the minute you lose authority :) You are an awesome mom ... you love them to pieces, and they know it ...

just hang in there!

Whit :)

nic said...

oh jenn! i am SO right there with ya, hon. :) parenting sure does have its thorny moments (or sometimes days...ack!). hang in there, sweets.

Starsnrose said...

Well, if it is any consolation my daughter has the same struggle with her three boys. The oldest and middle boy always look like they are about to fall out of their chairs (which they do on a regular basis). Neither can sit still for a second, but I think this just means they are perfectly healthy and normal kids. We are so blessed!!! Gender has nothing to do with this "issue". Even the 19 month old can't stay seated in his high chair. We strap that baby in tightly and he does everything he can to wiggle free! Just wait! The "issues" just get bigger....