Thursday, February 26, 2009

friendship {Kansas City Children's Photographer}

There's an old Nigerian Proverb that says, "Hold a true friend with BOTH of your hands". And we are holding on tight.

These are our "everyday friends". You know the talk everyday...find excuses to get together as often as possible...and help each other through the daily struggles of raising little ones.

We first met at the library. She was killing time trying to speed up her days crammed into a tiny temporary apartment. I was killing time while our house was being looked at by prospective buyers. We got to chatting and realized we had quite the group of little girls on our hands. We ended up moving into the same neighborhood just around the corner from each other. We feel so thankful to call them our friends.

Now we have each added a little guy to the mix...and the fun just keeps increasing! Yesterday the temperatures after school we grabbed our girls and let them each pick out their favorite pettiskirt for a fun mini photo shoot. Even the "big girls" joined in on the fun...they couldn't resist those ruffles for long!

Here's the line-up:

E is a second, easy going, sweet natured, smart as a whip.

My "kinder-grader" A...studious, silly, persistent, with a mouthful of wiggly teeth (love how both her top teeth are so lose they are sticking out in all sorts of funny directions!)

Sweet K is all Pre-K...all girl, flamboyant, silly, and a total rock star in front of the camera!

My Preschooler J...drama queen, sweet and spicy, definitely the resident princess.

Little "baby" A...spunky, mischievous (but oh so cute), ball of energy, lives life to the fullest!

These girls (and boys) are so special to me. Their friendship has helped me through so many long, hard days as a stay at home mom. Thank you, Nance for humoring me yesterday. I hope these images will be a special reminder to both you and "the girls" how lucky we feel to have you as friends!

{A new favorite image. This may become my business photo logo}

True friendship consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and value!!


Shealynn Benner said...

Great shots!!! I do LOVE the last one! :) Where did you get the petti-skirts? [sp?]

Angel said...

You are SO blessed Jenn! That first shot is simply gorgeous. You can see all of their personalities, just as you described them. Stunning really.

Wow, you've got quite the petti collection. LOL


Amy said...

Be still my heart! (I spy tees!) Totally cute girls and love the spunky-ness and the legwear! I vote yes on the business card using that fun!

Bethany said...

JENN!!!! I LOVE these! They are all so amazing but that last shot is something else!! ADORABLE!! That needs to be on a greeting card or something!!

How lucky you are to have such a wonderful friend and neighbor. You don't realize what an incredible blessing that is until you no longer have it. Cherish it!! (We had the same thing back in KS but it is a totally different story out here in AZ. Bummer for us!)

little pumpkin grace said...

Oh my, Jenn!! Those are THE cutest little girlie photos I've seen in a long time! Love the pettis and the tights and the hats and the dimples and the smiles... GORGEOUS!

Susan said...

Ohhhh Jenn!! These are just precious pics.. you are getting WAY TOO GOOD at this:) Awesome work!!

amalia said...

Jenn....I just love these pics! My Sophia is such a girlie girl she would love those pettis! We know Nance and her children and they ARE sweet as can be!!! I desperately want to have you photograph my kids. What do I need to do to set up a time?? I haven't had good pics taken since we adopted our little guy!

Paula Prass said...

I SO love the tags you put on your clothing and that last picture would be perfect!

Sara Farrar Photography said...

i love all of these, jenn! wow. you are so lucky to have such a neat friend and neighbor. cherish it each and every day. i love the poofy skirts! the colors are so vibrant! the girls look fabulous!