Saturday, February 28, 2009

lashes and a bit of love.

Have you ever noticed that babies have the longest eyelashes? I don't know what it is about boys especially...but this little man's lashes are just stunning. Kinda makes me jealous.

He is moving so much these days, I don't get many opportunities to document all the little things about him that I love. So when he fell asleep in his car seat a couple of days ago, I quick grabbed my camera!

Have you ever noticed that babies look much chunkier when they are asleep? I soon as they drift off to La-La Land...they gain 10 lbs. I love those squishy squeezy cheeks and those smooshy lips!

I'm not the only one who loves this little guy. His bigger, bigger sister thinks he hung the moon. I used to get an ear full as soon as she ran in the door from kindergarten. But now I am completely bypassed for the chubby little man rolling around the floor. She just can't get enough of him!

Luckily he pretty much feels the same way about her!

We've been spending a lot of time playing together this past week...enjoying all the little moments that make

I am trying really hard to memorialize moments in my kid's lives. I hope this blog will serve as a journal for our family of our journey together. I'm hoping to create a blog book (see Tonya's blog if you want serious inspiration in this department!) to help my family keep the memories alive!

On that note...I did a bit of scrapping as a little gift for a special friend.

Happy weekend...hope you are busy making memories too!


The Wallace Family said...

you know i'm a sucker for the eyelashes!!! and i LOVE the little scrapbook!

Little*Precious Boutique said...

Ah, sweet, sweet Sam...LOVE those sleepy pictures! & Yes, we have the same little brother LOVE here...Owen is 8 years older than E & they are like GLUE every day after school...lately Owen takes him up to his room & they play legos together, it's ADORABLE! (now, Olivia & E are a different story...4 years apart & fight like cats & dogs, yikes!!)

I LOVE the scrapping...GLORIOUS colors!! I'm going to check out the blog book, they are not as expensive as I thought they would be! Thanks for sharing! :)

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! THat scrapbook is ADORABLE!!! LUCKY friend you have!!! I love the colors!

Kiddie pics are fab as always! What a difference between B&W and COLOR!

Love Lala :o)

Meli (Jam) said...

No kidding about the lashes... So not fair. :)

Gorgeous pics once again!!!! Such a sweet little boy!

I wish I could get into scrapbooking. I cant even keep up with plain ole photo albums... I'm so terrible. My kids are gonna be so mad at me. eeeek

nic said...

holy cannoli, that is the niftiest scrapbook ever. you're amazing, jenn. and i love blog books...i made a 7x7 blurb book for my MIL (two christmases ago) and have had a hankering to make one for myself ever since. one of these days i'll actually find the time to do it, eh?

the sibling love you've got going on at your place is priceless. bottle it, girlie, and pour it out over them when they're teenagers (teehee). seriously, though, you have such a beautiful family, inside and out.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous scrapbook! Lucky friend!

It warms my heart to see the love between my youngest and oldest children. It's going to be tough in the fall when he heads off to college. They are best buds.

PamperingBeki said...

Jenn, those are beautiful images!

And the photos below with all the girls, I LOVE the shot with the fun tights.

Jen Higgins said...

What a cutie! Is it avacados he's eating?