Wednesday, March 4, 2009

rocket bum

When I saw this I HAD to have it immediately. I think it is the cutest thing I have ever laid my eyes on :) I've been wanting to do some photos of my little man now that is he getting mobile and I think this little bum cover will be just adorable! Olivejanes sells on etsy and her shop is FULL of cute stuff! And because I was her 200th customer she gave me a FREE diaper cover...YIPPEEE!

That was pretty much the highlight of our week here. I'm back to single parenting for a few weeks...although I do have reinforcements arriving shortly. Little man is STILL sick and on his third round of antibiotics. J is complaining of a tummy ache and sore throat...could be a LOOOOONNNNGGGG night at our house!

My blog, photography, and other such things, have been somewhat neglected. But here are a few quick snaps from this week.
Sam has a new favorite trick...scootching to the toy basket and tipping it over!

He seems pretty proud of himself when all the toys come spilling out!

And just being cute.

A has a mouthful of wiggly teeth. She'll be looking like a jack-o-lantern soon as her top teeth are dangling by threads.

Hmmm...should I pull them or not?

And just being cute.

I wish I had something clever or poignant to say. But it has been one of those weeks around here. I'm pretty surprised by my ability to put a simple sentence together at all...I should be muttering "me go to bed", "me tired", "night-night" or something of the sort.

Til next time...with hopes for a puke-free evening!


Anonymous said...

just keep the photos posting. I am enjoying them soooo much.

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! Glad you made it through the night "spits free"... I'm here if you NEED some "big people talk"... :o)

Those teeth will be out soon enough... is the TF ready???

Love, Lala :o)

Sara Farrar Photography said...

you make me laugh! love the stylin' diaper covers. way 2 go on winning those! too cute!

nic said...

oooeee, that's some dapper daiper duds (teehee, bonus points for random alliteration). oh honey, you are so brave and nobel to be pulling off single-parent-ness yet again...bring on the reinforcements! in the meantime, hide out in the shower with a pint of ice cream when you need a few brief minutes of sanity. ;)