Tuesday, January 20, 2009

sleepy {Kansas City Newborn Photographer}

This little one started out awake...but it didn't take much to get her off to la-la-land. A warm bottle and a cozy blanket and she was like putty in our hands!

She's a beautiful little thing. And at 5 weeks she only weighs in at 8 pounds. She had a rocky start but has been such a little trooper...she totally melted my heart!

And she wasn't the only one...check out big brother and his sparkling blue eyes. He was such fun. He made me work for it...but we managed to get a couple shots of him with his "magic hat" that made him disappear!

Thanks to this sweet family for allowing me capture your little ones! I should have your gallery ready soon!

Thanks for the sweet well wishes yesterday too! I spent the day getting spoiled in bed and I'm feeling much better today!

Oh...and one of my photos has been showcased on the Matilda Jane blog...so fun!


Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! GLAD you are feeling better!!!! :o)

OH OH OH... I LOOOOOVE that last pic... little ballerina in Black and White...

Hey... can I borrow the magic hat???

Keep feelin' better!!!!

Love, Lala

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Beautiful photography!

Bloom Design Co. said...

So beautiful Jenn! My favorite is the one on top of the pillow. Amazing! I hope you are feeling better!

Swede at Heart said...

GORGEOUS as always! Congrats on the MJ feature!!

nic said...

i am running out of ways to say that you are absolutely brilliant, so either you have to stop with the amazing photography, or else i need to broaden my vocabulary.

alrighty, i'm off to bookmark an online thesaurus. :)

Deconstructing Jen said...

These are fantastic!! I found your blog through Nic's blog (and I've heard of you through various eBay groups). I had no idea you were from Kansas City.... me too. :D

Your photography is fantastic. I love all of these. You are very talented. :D

Angel said...

She IS prescious!!! I love the tutu photo in pink, it matches her baby soft skin so sweetly. You've got some great places to take photos in your home, how lucky you are!

Glad you are feeling better. :)