Sunday, January 18, 2009

nostalgia {Kansas City Children's Photographer}

I recently took advantage of the Matilda Jane winter clearance sale....bought some goodies for the kids...or for me depending on how you look at it. I am usually fairly well behaved in the boutique world. I have an unspoken rule that I generally don't buy anything I could make myself. But when the price gets low enough (and my time gets limited enough)...I bite. So I snatched up a few dresses for the girls and these vintage-y overalls for little man. And then because we had the clothes I thought we probably better have a little photo shoot, right? OK. I'm going to be brutally honest here. I love my children. I DO NOT love taking photos of them (ok...just one of them in particular...can you guess which one?) Her relationship with the camera has been a lifelong struggle...but we shall overcome! I took 54 shots of this ONE pose...and although it isn't perfect (you know how a Mom knows when the smile is genuine...) it will have to do.

I've been wanting to get this shot of little man....but was waiting for an assistant. I think I need to get a remote trigger so I can set shots up all on my lonesome. But then how do you get the baby to look at the camera and not you?

Here it is in color...

The baby bed was a find out one of my local antique stores. I found SO many treasures there...had to limit my purchases that day...but I will be heading back! I had an upcoming baby session that week and wanted something sweet for her session. I made a little mattress with a removable cover so I can change out the color.

Do you like the color version...or sepia? I've fallen back in love with sepia in the past few weeks.

Love his little expression here...kind of timeless. I love how this is my own sweet little man...but could easily be a photo of my grandpa.

Thanks for letting me share our fun!

On a side note. Heading in for outpatient surgery tomorrow. My sweet husband has taken the day off work to coral the kids...kind of looking at it as a mini-vacation....I'll get to read a book...take a nice long nap...and lounge in bed :) I might be missing for a couple of days but I'll be back soon. I have some fun baby pictures to share too!


mom2four said...

Love, love, love the pics! You must get the first one large and framed asap! My parents would flip over that shot!

Lorilee said...

Love your pictures and your blog! I would love to know what antique store you go to. Thanks! good luck with the surgery. Hope all goes well!

~love said...

hope you have a quick, relaxing recovery!

i love the classic!

and i honestly can't tell which cutie is givng the "fake" smile still! =)

Angel said...

These are so fun! Love your backdrop and props and your kiddos look great! Good luck with the surgery and wishing you a quick recovery.


Rebekah said...

Very sweet - the sepia definitely lends to the nostalgic feeling.

Let me guess, the "one" who gives you the most trouble with photographing her is the oldest. Ask me why that is my guess. I think you already know.

Hope your recovery is smooth and easy!