Friday, January 23, 2009

lucky {Kansas City Family Photographer}

It doesn't happen often in life...but sometimes you just get lucky and find a friend with whom you connect with on a completely different level. Someone you trust. Someone who knows the "real" you. Someone who anticipates your laugh...knows when you need time to get something off your chest...or will take you shopping for jeans.

I'm lucky because this someone is my sister. Even better...I have two of them.

Between this beautiful girl and my mom...I learned to sew. Her creative spirit fanned my fire for design....and she has been a constant source of encouragement along the way. Her four teenage children (I know it doesn't look possible) are some of the neatest "kids" you will ever meet...genuine, fun, mature, and full of life.

She's "The Librarian". But she's not the geek you would expect. She's passionate, creative, organized, hip, loads of fun, and most of of my best friends.

And before you ask. Yes her curls are natural. And yes my other sister has them. And yes. yes. yes. I DID have those beautiful curls once upon a day too....only mine died a slow, sad, death after my last pregnancy and now only masquerade as a bit of wave. I know...useless information.

Thank you for the extra cookies at the mall...for not freaking out when I spilled ketchup on your appliqued teddy bear sweatshirt...for rescuing me from pants with one fat leg....and for spending an unseasonable warm January day with ya sis!


Swede at Heart said...

Beautiful. Beautiful woman, beautiful relationship, beautiful photos. You are blessed. :)

Paige said...

I love you too, dear, sweet, sister, friend of mine. When I think of you, I feel blessed beyond measure.

Rebekah said...

Aren't sisters wonderful? They know all about you & are stuck with you, so we might as well love each other :)

She does look a lot like you. Except the curls, lol.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pics Jenn! said...

Jenn, your sister is gorgeous just like and your photography is simply amazing!