Sunday, January 25, 2009

old school {Kansas City Baby Photographer}

Before having my little guy I'll admit to a wee bit of panic. After having two was hard to imagine doing anything "boy". I worried that I'd have an uncontrollable urge to dress him in pink and put clippies in his hair. I worried that dressing him would be boring. I worried in vain.

And I'll admit. Boys are pretty fun. Before we had Sam my mother-in-law asked if I would dress him "all boutique-y". And although I'm pretty sure he'll never don a twirl skirt or wear the aforementioned clippies...I can't really make that promise.

Right now I draw the line at a cute hat and some old school plaid pants.

And I think he's darn cute don't you?

Even without the tutu!


Angel said...

He is adorable! I too worried that I'd have no fun dressing a little boy. I think boys clothes have come a long way from what I remember.


Susan said...

That outfit is the cutest thing I've ever seen.
What a gorgeous little man you have:)

Swede at Heart said...

You are seriously killing me. He is so adorable! I love that second photo. YUMMY!

Little*Precious Boutique said...

Oh, I know EXACTLY what you mean! I wasn't sure if I could control myself after enjoying Olivia & all that girly goodness!

Sam is sooo, soooooo adorable! I honestly don't see how you get a thing accomplished with him flashing those gummy grins everywhere!!

Tonya said...

ummmmmm...yes! He is makes me feel better as I am worrying about fighting the urge to make him a button up shirt in Amy Butler fabrics!

I need to get out shopping for my little man!

co CUTE!

gina said...

jen, he is seriously so beautiful!!!

nic said...

that is one dapper fella. i am fervently in love with that outfit...but i have to be honest and tell you that sam is so good looking, i'm pretty sure he'd even make a tutu look yummy. (in sixteen years from now, though, he will NOT be amused by that, so if you ever cave on that one, it was totally not my idea. teehee.)

The Wallace Family said...

cute, cute, CUTE!!!!