Monday, December 8, 2008

bedroom yummi-ness

We worked feverishly this weekend and mostly completed J's new bedroom. I'd like to put some finishing touches on it (curtains, throw pillows, and a new vinyl decal...had to take her's down as it was no longer centered over her bed!) I love how the room feels fresh and girly...a bit shabby...and totally like my little princess :)

She woke up happy...said her bed was super comfy cozy...and is already back in taking a little afternoon nap!

The quilt was pretty fun to put together. I thoroughly love the design element...laying out the fabrics and choosing the placement. The sewing together was a bit more tedius as I apparantly can't cut a perfect 9" square. I actually started with 18" squares. I was hoping for a big graphic punch but once I got it all laid out I wasn't satisfied with the overall back to the cutting board I went to cut each 18" square into four smaller squares!

Then I searched for a proper backing. THAT was labor intensive! I was hoping to find something wide enough so that the back could be one continuous piece. The only place I could find 108" width fabric was Jo-Anns and their selection was pretty pathetic. I mean...really people...get with the times! Not everyone is still decorating with navy blue and burgundy! I finally settled on a pink tone-on-tone rose print. Not my first choice but it seemed to work out ok in the end. I was really hoping for a cute flannel sheet to use. Have you ever noticed how awful the prints are on flannel sheets? Come on now...really...who wants a moose print on their bed??

I tied off each corner (and yes my hubby did actually help me do this!) I let him watch a movie about submarines while we worked (so he really watched more than he tied...but hey...I'll take any help I can get!)

I self bound the quilt by cutting the backing 2" wider than the width of the top and batting and folding it over like a bias trim. This was The Librarian's idea (had to give her a shout out) and since she taught me a lot of what I know about sewing...I always follow her advice. It made putting the quilt together MUCH easier! I laid the backing WRONG side up on the ground. Next went the batting (I used high loft so it is a bit more comforter-ish) and then the quilt top RIGHT side up. I safety pinned through all three layers all the way around the perimeter and on every other patch throughout. Then I tied it off...ironed over my trim...and straight stitched it down. If you try this method let me HIGHLY suggest that you don't zig zag the trim as it stretches the fabric in a funky way that will have you muttering not-s0-nice things under your breath.

If you know anything about quilting...please be kind. I know this isn't a REAL quilt. But after the effort it took to make this thing I think it is safe to say I am happy to remain among the throngs of amateurs.

I used an antique white latex enamel on the bed (Sherwin Williams) and then distressed it a bit. I prefer my furniture banged up a bit...saves me from having to worry about the first scratch when my kids fling a barbie bed across the room.

I painted right over the trim and hardware and then distressed those too with a small electric sander.

The hutch is my favorite piece because it just screams "little girl room". It's a great place to showcase some of her special toys and memorabilia and we can change the look of it as she grows.

Right now it is a happy landing spot for some of the vintage toys from her nursery, a few favorite stuffies, and a picture of her namesake.

I have a few more projects for the room to complete this week. As well as a bit more painting to do (sigh). I have moved the dresser that was in her room downstairs...going to paint it black and use it as a buffet in our dining room!

Better go get to work again! No rest for the weary :)


Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! OMGOODNESS... everything came out FABULOUS!!! I know J just LOVES it... I think my FAv is the HUTCH too!!!

Thanks for sharing!!! :o)

Good idea about the buffet in the DR!!!

Love, Lala :o)

Little*Precious Boutique said...

WHERE on earth do you get your energy!! Whew!

Jenn, every bit of it is scrumptious! You are SOOOO creative (and I am so right there with you about remaining an amateur quilter...holy cow).

I'm still laughing over the sleepover invitation conversation in your last post!! ROTF, love those girls!!

little pumpkin grace said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!! The quilt looks great! The hutch is my favorite piece and I love how you arranged it with all the sweet vintage toys. We're in the middle of designing Grace's big girl room so you definitely gave me lots of inspiration :)

Bethany said...

AWWWW!!! What a SWEET room! You did a fantastic job on the quilt and the furniture is SO what I have in mind for my own sweet girl! I better start checking Craig's List!!

I have been following along for a bit now but thought I would come out of the woodwork to comment on this happiness! Wonderful work!!

Jennifer said...

It came out beautiful Jen~ natty has that same little pricess fairy doll, it's one of her faves!!

Shealynn Benner said...

AWESOME job!! I would LOVE that room for myself. ;)

Jill said...

"Real" quilt is in the eye of the beholder...Grandma McCarthy's quilts always looked like this, and that's real enough for me! It's lovely, right down to the tied off corners.

Angel said...

That looks so sweet and girlie. I love the spindles on that hutcha nd the shabby paint job looks wonderful. So worth all those hours it took you!


Jennifer Paganelli said...

wow I am so loving your quilt design and your beautiful and creative aand grateful to be a part of it!!! Jennifer

nic said...

i'm almost 32, and i want her room! JENN! you completely outdid yourself (and the female half of western civilization)...her room is absolute perfection.

and the quilt! oh, the quilt. i could gush on for several paragraphs about that quilt, but instead i will sum it up in a dreamy sigh...ready?



Erin said...

Jenn that is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every inch is sheer girly goodness and oh so beautiful! What a special room for your princess!

Jam Clothing Company said...

Oh Jenn, that quilt is sooo yummy!!!! I want one for me! Seriously!!! :)

What a perfectly girly princess room! I love it all!


Tonya said...

It turned out sooooo beautiful and I love the 6 month photos of your little guys...




xoxotova said...

I agree total yumminess! I want the whole room.. who want's to make me a quilt? and a pillow and ... OH how about a matching shower curtain and towns for her bathroom too..and.. and... xoxo' s
I'm serious.. anyone??

Paula Prass said...

This is absolutely amazing. I can't believe the bargain AND the transformation!!