Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I'm still adding a few more sweet things to J's room...any ideas for me on window coverings? She has one tall window at the foot of the bed. I'd love something girly and sweet without being overpowering or "fussy". Come on you decorating experts...help a girl out!

I added these 2 little pillows to her bedding today!

One has a little birdie applique. Couldn't resist throwing in a little yo-yo love.

I kept both pretty simple. I debated a ruffled flange and then decided to just let the front of each take center stage. I did include an envelope closure on the back of both for easier laundering. I'm sort of wondering how many nights I have realistically before these get thrown up on...it is flu season you know.

The second one was really fun to put together. Patty is putting together some pillow patterns which will appear in the Fall 2009 issue of Quilts & More. Lucky me...I got to try them out a bit ahead of time! I used Tina Givens "Chloe's Imagination" and a yummy pink minky on this one!

OK...get to brainstorming that window situation won't ya??

I should be back in a few days to share Sam's SIX MONTH pictures (GASP!!!!!!!!!) Yes...it has truly been six months already since my little chunk of love entered this world. I'm waiting for a great sunny day for his little photo shoot and right now we are bunkered down under a blanket of snow!!


nic said...

those pillows are so plump and pretty...nice work, dearie!

hmmmmn, window coverings...i'm always partial to polka-dotty sheers paired with an accent of color--perhaps side panels or a swag. can't wait to see what other magic you have up your sleeve!

The Wallace Family said...

ok, it's time for a bedding line on take a bow! i love those big, upholstered valances with a simple sheer (i like the polka dotty idea) or panel. but that would require some carpentry...

Erin said...

I know nothing about window coverings, we have alot of wood blinds, but I LOVE those pillows!!! The birdie is adorable!!!

I agree with Wallace fam, start selling your bedding and pillows!!!

Leah said...

Simple white or pink sheer panels...make your statement with the curtain rods...finials. They have some super cute ones in the Shabby Chic line at Targe'! Sophisticated..yet sweet. Gotta love the sheers when they are blowing in the wind and the windows are open (not that, that will be in time soon where we live! :)) Your pillows are super cute too! You could make a killin' but there you go, adding more to your Queen of Everything!

Tracy of Creme De La Gems said...

Jenn, I just love everything you do, can you come to my house and decorate please???

I like the parisian style upholstered valances which start at the ceiling, with sheers - so classic, yet glamorous!

You rock!

Jennifer said...

Jen how in the world do you get so much done??? I'm in Awe! :)

Angel said...

Love those pillows!

I just blogged what I did for our curtains. Knowing how much you like yo-yo's, thought you might like the idea.



Jill said...

I had a window in our apartment that I wanted slightly girly without being too complex. I ended up getting some swiss dot white fabric and edging it with pom pom trim in a sagey green (for my room, yours could be pink). I love it! I can't take full credit for the idea, though..it was inspired by some sheers I saw in Pottery Barn Teen that I couldn't spend the dough to buy ;)

Shana said...

You are so talented and creative! What a precious little girls room!

Rebekah said...

everything turned out so beautiful! I love that new furniture!