Tuesday, September 16, 2008

an interview...

with A four days shy of her sixth birthday. She's a character this one. Full of life, able to understand the complexities of adult humor, verbose, smart as a whip, and compassionate. Her enthusiasm for life is so endearing...as is her tender heart.

We sat down together last night for a little talk...and this is what she told me:

What do you love most?
cherries, my toys, my family

What's the best part of school
lunch cause I like to eat

What's your favorite food?
cherries and corn dogs because they taste good

Are corn dogs good for you?
yep...aren't they a fruit? anyways they have milk in the bottom of them

What's your favorite color?
green...it's bright and pretty

What are you good at?
being silly and eating

What are 3 ways to describe you?
silly, driving mommy crazy, lots of loose teeth

Are you smart? How do I know?
oh yes...girls are smarter than boys...plus I eat lots of bananas

What's your favorite animal?

If you had a horse, what would you name it?
skinny...cause I'm skinny

What would you like to be when you grown up?
an animal Dr...you know...a veterinarian...I'll pay for lots of school on my own by being a store person and making lots of money

How did you get so cute?
mommy buys good clothes

How did you get so sweet?
God made me that way!


Paige said...

well....she doesn't call herself a goofy grape for nothing! i love that kid :)

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! OH... She loves CHERRIES!!! What a WONDERFUL little girl she is!!!

And the pics are FABULOUS!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Lala :o)

The Wallace Family said...

awesome post! that was just the sweetest thing ever, and the photos are gorgeous!

Erin said...

so sweet! she is a cutie :)

Lynne said...

She is just adorable !! M is counting down the days to her b-day. I suspect you have the same conversations with A.

little pumpkin grace said...

This is too cute! I love her answers!!! She's such a cutie :)

Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

Oh, melt my heart...aren't they precious at this age!!!! What a doll!!


Leah said...

Your photography is wonderful. I wish I knew how to get the lighting you do...my biggest problem! I feel like I have to edit EVERY photo! If you wouldn't mind sharing where you found that WONDERFUL-ROCKIN hat...I would be so appreciative too! :) Love the questions! What a memory you will have from them with the photos...thanks for great idea!

Nic said...

happy birthday, A!

beautiful, beautiful photos, jen. and A is so gorgeous. :)

~love said...

CUTE! =)

Tonya said...

she is so cute! Great photos..such a pretty bokeh and the lighting is yummy!

gorgeous girl...