Monday, April 7, 2008

Single digit...

weeks left in this pregnancy....
And I am trying to tie up the rest of the loose ends before Mr. Peepers makes his debut.

For those who keep hounding me (and you know who you are!) for a recent belly you go...shot in my hallway mirror today at 31 weeks.

And as promised...a few sneak peaks of Mr. Peeper's nursery. We just recently found the super cool vintage bi-planes...hoping to hang them (securely!) above the crib in a "mobilesque" fashion. P has his pilot's license and so the airplane theme seemed like a natural choice for our little guy. When we brought the airplanes home this weekend P actually said, "if the baby doesn't want these...these are going to my office." Uh...yeah...hand's off.

The avocado dresser came from my favorite shabby furniture store. There is a matching vintage mirror too that I plan to hang low behind the dresser. Still working on the rest of the room but I can now check the slipcover, crib skirt, and valance off my list of things to do!

And I wanted to say another BIG THANKS for all the posters who entered the *take a bow* contest a few weeks ago! Stay tuned...I just might get the urge to give away more free stuff! Nic's FREE TEE is all packaged up and ready to be sent to her sweetie!

And I'll leave you with one more picture.

What you get with 2 silly girls, a pile of clean laundry, and a busy mommy!


Lala said...

HI Jenn!!! OH OH OH... LOVE the belly pic *wink*... you look BEEEEEEAUTIFUL friend!!! (I'd actually hardcopy that pic... it's really good!)

You always find the BEST stuff!!! Yes... hung SECURELY... P can go in and stare at them longingly... :o)

OMG... I had to do a doubletake of the girls!

THANKS for sharing!!!

Love, Lala

Bowznstuff said...

oh wow how exciting!!! Just one week! Love the dresser and the planes :)

Angel said...

Love the nursery! My Hubby has his pilots liscence too and we have planes haging from the ceiling in his funny. :)

Loved the belly shot too. I'm only at 8 weeks so far (shhhh...don't tell), but I'll never look that good!


Jenn said...

Oh Angel...CONGRATS! That is happy news!!!!!


Nic said...

ok, first off--you are uber cute!! i never looked that good pregnant. second, i LOVE the baby's room--oh my, you have fabulous taste. and finally--thank you again for the adorable hoodie for my li'l gal! the stitching is impeccable and she LOVES the colors, the flowers, the beads, the are so sweet, girlie. :)

Tonya said...

That is a cute belly! You are so adorable that green find for the nursery...very cute!



Swede at Heart said...

OMG Jenn! You are so stunning. What a glorious belly pic.