Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April Showers...and a few songs

Some of you may remember a photo shoot I did with J a few months ago on a particularly drizzly day this winter. J and I had headed outside to enjoy some puddle splashing and stomping and I completely fell in love with the photos that captured our carefree afternoon together. It has been a few months in the making but today the stars and moon aligned and we got another drippy day where the moisture hung around in the air after creating the perfect puddles...it was unusually cool and would have been a real bummer of a day but A had the idea to head outside for a little photo shoot of her own. And I couldn't have been happier to oblige! While J tends to be coy and sheepish in photo shoots...A is all about personality. Combined with a goofy 5 year old smile and her quirky sense of humor...it is easy to get snapshots of her that ooze personality. She may be a tad weird...but boy I love that kid!And after we dried off and hung up our rain gear we headed to J's preschool for a little afternoon musical program. I hate to say she stole the show...but she did ;)
I try really hard not to be an obnoxious mother...one who is always talking about and praising their children for the littlest things. But sometimes you just need to scream to the world...."They are MINE!!!"


Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! OH... Scream it LOUD and scream it PROUD!!! LOL... they are WONDERFUL pics of "A"... true personality PLUS!!! Can so totally believe "J" was the little showstopper... looking at that sneaky grin!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Love, Lala

Angel said...

You have every right to be an "obnoxious" Mommy. :) Your girls are so adorable!!! Thanks for sharing your puddle jumping fun with us. Loved it!