Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunny days ahead in FIRST GRADE.

It is pouring buckets here. The rain is going to be relentless I guess. So much for our annual walk down to school to kick off the school year. So much for cute pictures of my school girl in our back yard before the first day (and truth be told...she didn't miss them a bit). A week ago she started begging me to make her a back to school outfit...probably one of the first times she has adamantly asked me to sew for her...and my machines, supplies, and fabric stash are packed up awaiting the arrival of their new studio. Murphy's law huh? Last year I made her an adorable outfit and a matching back pack which she never carried to school. Because the cheapo Target Littlest Pet Shop rendition that was made in China was so much cuter, right? (It tore the 2nd week of school by the way). J jumped in the shot with her sister (Periwinkle was also part of the morning festivities as well).

So pardon my "flashy" photos to commemorate A's first day. We got a tiny break from the rain just as I was unloading the stroller out of the car so I whipped out the camera between sprinkles and tried to snap at least a couple of shots. The inside of the school was so ridiculously dark :( Wish the sun would have cooperated. But here she is with her new back pack (don't worry...I didn't try to make another one this year) heading out the door. My OCD side is really hating that I had to use my giant flash straight at her to accommodate for the light...but I'm trying to look past it ;) She's still cute with that jack-o-lantern grin isn't she?

By her classroom :)

"Are we done yet? This is embarassing!"

My goal for the school year is to have A do some of her violin practicing before school. If you are a Suzuki parent, than you know that it can be so hard to find enough time every day to get in practicing and review. Today A ran through her review pieces while I was feeding Sam breakfast. He got some mood music and we got 20 minutes of her practice time under our belts before the day began. I'm hoping we can keep this up! Between soccer, church night, and lessons...time is at a premium! (By the way. I absolutely ADORE the face A makes while she is playing. She has such focus and determination. She's my little brainiac.)

Happy FIRST GRADE A. We hope your day is SUNNY and BRIGHT despite the rain!

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Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! You KNOW how I LOVE to see her playing her violin!!!

Hope she had a GREAT DAY!!! :o)

Love, Lala :o)

When is J's first day???