Sunday, August 16, 2009

back to school eve.

Tonight...peering into their recently complete play room...just as the sun was going down.

Tomorrow...she enters The First Grade.

Friday was "meet the teacher"...otherwise known as "bring your school supplies in and be completely overwhelmed by the chaos of hundreds of little bodies flooding the halls". We started off the afternoon by checking the lists of homeroom teachers posted outside the school building.

A is part of a multi-age classroom at her school that combines Kindergarten and 1st grade. They call them "olders" and "youngers"....kind of a Montessori approach.

She has 2 teachers and would normally continue this school year with the same teachers. However, one has moved to a traditional classroom and a new teacher is taking her place. So, A has a brand new teacher to meet!

As soon as she turned the corner to her classroom, she was met by these excited friends...they came running at her full force...about knocked her off her socks. Good thing I had my camera poised and ready to capture their cheesy "where have you been all summer?" grins

She absolutely ADORES this teacher (she had her last year). When A came across the room she picked her up in a giant bear hug and twirled her around the room. It makes me feel so good that she loves her so much (and I think the feeling is pretty mutual!)

This is her new teacher. Like her "I'm not sure I'm ready to sit on your lap yet" look? I'm sure they will be doing hug spins by the end of the week too.

And this is her teacher who has moved to fourth grade. We are sad to see her move out of the classroom...she is such fun (J adores her just as much as A does). But she is just down the hall and will be ready with a hug too whenever A passes by.

One of my goals for this year is to figure out the crazy lighting at the school. I am usually fine with setting my white balance to auto when indoors...but not there! I'm on a mission to figure it out though before the end of the year...that means I need lots of time in the classroom with my camera in tow...oh darn!

I have so many fun posts lined up for this week! I'd love to devote a LONG post to the playroom now that it is COMPLETE! And of course there will be more back to school pics too (it is supposed to rain like crazy here tomorrow...such a downer...we were all set to walk down to the school together and get pictures outside!) Plus I will be revealing my NEW BLOG soon!!

Hope your weekend was great! Stop back soon!


Lala said...

Hi Jenn! OH BOY!!! FIRST GRADE!!! We hope she has a WONDERFUL DAY!!!

THe CLUB looks FABULOUS!!! Can't wait to see the "Official" reveal!

Tuesday is errand day! Yes... let's chat!

Hope the rain holds out!

Love, Lala :o)

Sara Farrar Photography said...

wow! first grade!! we'll be thinking about you and A tomorrow! hope she has a fabulous day:) the playroom looks great. cannot wait to see the big the girls are excited! now you can rest! ha ha!

Jessica said...

A looks so sweet with her little girlfriends!!! LOVE the sneak peek of The Club and can't wait to see the rest. Here's to hoping the rain holds off, at least long enough for the official morning walk :)

Kreatives Chaos made by Andrea said...

I love your photos...

and I always enjoy your 3 cuties...

Today I was really touched by the your daughter with her 2 friends... that is sooo cute...

also the outfits from your daughters are really nice... looking comfy and coulourful...

Warmest regards from Germany


Tamara said...

Oh that room, that photo!

Of all the gorgeous photos on your blog that would have to be one of my favourties. It just captures sisterhood so perfectly and reminds me of my girls a couple of years ago.

I love your blog and have really appreciated all of your photography tips. Thanks for sharing.