Saturday, August 1, 2009

Love this girl. Part Deux {Kansas City Children's Photographer}

Her mommy and I met a couple of years ago. If you take the path from my backyard down about 10 houses you will run directly into her house. We met while standing in the pick up line at J's preschool. She had twin boys...I had 2 girls. A few weeks later I found myself in dire need of a ride to the emergency room. Mr. P was out of the country and I was pregnant and beyond sick. After several calls around the neighborhood that turned up nothing...I went searching through my purse for the little slip of paper she had given me days earlier. I was so nervous to call. Nothing like asking a brand new friend to see you at your worst.

Funny how that jump started our friendship. Many play dates, walks, phone conversations later...I am lucky to call her one of my best friends.

They are living in South Africa right now. Brutal. Way too far away...especially since we have both added little ones to our lives this past year.

So while they were home visiting, I was THRILLED to get to play with sweet Miss A. And boy did we play!

We started off the evening like this. OH MY...did you see her shoes? Every baby need gingham espadrilles don't you think?

I got smiles, smirks, and few great serious shots too. She is such a little ham. And did you check out her little bob? What 1 year old has a stacked bob? I think I need a referral to her stylist!

Then we moved on to some girly shots...had to break out the much loved tutu!

But the shots that I REALLY loved happened at the end of the evening when my sweet friend dressed her in this little vintage dress. The entire series was one big, happy accident. I just happened to bring my tub of beanies and hats and had this fabulous flower to match. As soon as she was dressed, she crawled away and started munching on some flowers near the fields (did I mention she put EVERYTHING in her mouth?) After we pulled several large flower heads out of her mouth we plopped her down next to a tree back in a shaded grove. BOOM...the lighting was PERFECT. Her white dress popped against the dark trees and lite up her face beautifully! We got some of my most favorite shots EVER!

A few of my favorites :)

I know this was quite a post. I don't normally do "sneak peaks" quite this long...but I couldn't chose my favorites of this little beauty. And since I don't get to see her often...I had to get my fill :)

Love you T. We will be right here waiting when you get home!


Lacey McKay said...

I agree! Those vintage pics are some of the best you have ever taken! Don't you just love it when things fall into place like that? Perfect subject, perfect outfit, perfect location, perfect lighting, and a perfect photographer to capture it all! Those are priceless Jenn! I hope that mom prints that collage huge like the one you did of your little girl in her pink tutu!

Shealynn Benner said...

I love that vintage dress! Adorable! That flower is quite large. ha ha!

The Brink Blog said...

She is ADORABLE!!! I absolutely love the tutu/flower pictures! You completely captured her in all of her "girly" ways! Sharon and I really need to make a girl trip down there to have you shoot some of Kayin! By the way, where did you find the tutu?

Bethany said...

My life has been a bit chaotic lately and my comments fewer and further between, but I had to leave ya some blog love for this!

These images are AMAZING!! You did a fabulous job and should be so, so proud of yourself! I agree with Lacey, mom should print a collage because how else is she ever going to pick her faves?!

I hope you are doing well! Thanks for sharing!!

Just the Sous Chef said...

She is a BEAUTIFUL girl and you captured her perfectly ... absolutely adore the vintage dress and matching hat

The Wallace Family said...

GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE the vintage photos!! Great job!

erin said...

she is adorable, and your pics are amazing!!!

Angel said...

She is soooooo beautiful!

Ava Hill said...

These are so cute. I'm sure her partents were just thrilled.