Tuesday, August 4, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. Augmentin is NOT my friend. After having some testing done at KU Med Center this past week I was prescribed a high dosage of this drug. I took one pill and a few hours later was violently sick. I thought I might die...maybe I am over-reacting just a bit..but the thought did occur to me when 3 hours later I was still getting sick every 5 minutes. After speaking to 2 different doctors and our pharmacist and still not getting any relief, I got to spend the rest of the evening at the local ER. Fun times indeed.

2. The tests I took last Friday basically determined that my initial diagnosis was correct. I've got Gastroparesis. It typically effects middle aged men with diabetes. So, I'm not exactly the poster child for the disease. There are several drugs on the market that are used to treat the condition but it appears I'm not a candidate to use any of them. Time to begin some major research into altering my eating habits. Refined white breads, no raw fruits or veggies (except bananas), no nuts, no popcorn, no dairy, etc. Wow. The fun never ceases huh?

3. The club is making good progress. We've painted the bead board ceiling as well as all of the walls (Priscilla Pink from Sherwin Williams for all you color buffs out there). I've been painting all the trim in the garage and Mr. P will start installing that tonight. After that we will put up the light fixtures, install the flooring, and finish framing out the doorway. The girls are getting so excited to christen their new room with a sleep over!

4. Boys are so different. One of Sam's favorite new activities is picking up a small toy...releasing a primal scream...and chucking it as far across the room as he can. Then he laughs when it hits the wall, lamp, mirror, etc. And no, he has never seen the Tarzan re-runs.

5. Now is the time to book your family session for fall...October is filling up VERY fast!

6. If you live in Kansas City...keep your eyes open for my annoucement about the Fall Matilda Jane Show. It's going to be BIG and FUN...and did I mention I am giving away FREE SESSIONS? Yeah. You read that right.

7. Wondering what I can make for dinner that doesn't include wheat, fat, vegetables, or dairy? Hmmm...rice cakes anyone?

8. Remember the lens I was debating? I found a cool place in town called The Digital Labrador that will rent me the lens for the weekend for $40.00. I can't wait to try it first hand before I take the big plunge towards selling one of my children in exchange for this pricey piece of glass.

9. My girls have been drawing books this past week that depict the various ailments one might incur. Each page is devoted to a different health concern: chicken pox, broken legs, "the spits", fevers, rashes. While sitting in church on Sunday, A colored a very nice picture of a little girl in a green dotted dress..."spitting" into a measuring cup that yielded 21 feet of waste. Then she proceeded to show that to the nice couple seated behind us. I'm so proud.

10. What do you do when ordering from Mini Boden when your child is a size 6-7 and they only carry size 5-6 or 7-8. Do they know the torment they are causing me?

11. (this is just for bonus points) Consider purchasing something from Nic's store for a worthy cause. THIS will look quite lovely on J this fall with jeans and some boots. It arrived yesterday and it is beautious in person.


Mandy said...

Oh, Jenn! Bless you!
I'm so sorry that you've been so sick...I hope the meds get you back in good form very soon!

The Club is looking fab...can't wait to see it finished!

I have always found Mini Boden to run a bit big on Evan...true to size on Olivia...I'm no help there...but I do love their stinkin cute stuff! ;)

mom2four said...

Augmentin is EVIL!!! Ok, not evil...it does some good I'm sure....just not for us this past week! Hope you're all better!

~love said...

so sorry that you have been feeling like that. and yikes with the diet restrictions! ugh. i'm going to pray for you!

the room is looking great. oh, mini boden. i had to throw out my catelog without even looking! LOVE their things! =)

Angel said...

Awe Jenn, I'm so sad to hear that you've been so sick. I hope your Dr.'s can figure out a plan that works and has you feeling great very soon. A restricted diet is no fun, but once it makes a difference will be so worth it. Praying for you, sweet friend.

The clubhouse looks awesome! I bet your girls are super excited to see it finished. A sleep over is the perfect way to christen it.

The Wallace Family said...

Hope that you find the right treatment STAT! Life without those foods could be...tricky and significantly...less fun! The Club is coming along very nicely!

SoSoBella said...

love your new space. it will be wonderful when completed for sure. can't wait to see the finished product.
happy you are feeling better :O)

nic said...

10 in comments

1. oh sweetie, i hope you find workable meds and something to eat!

1b. though rice cakes have evolved quite a ways in the past decade. hang in there.

2. i dream in mini boden. curse that johnnie boden and his cheeky wit and spot-on style.

3. love the pink room...can't wait to see it finished!

4-10. and thanks for the shout-out. bless you.

melissapens said...

For dinner.....I tried the sushi salad from Gock's Frocks and LOVED it! Maybe you could just leave out the veggies...