Monday, August 10, 2009

Early Risers {Kansas City Children's Photographer}

I was so lucky to meet these sweet siblings EARLY Saturday morning for a FUN downtown session. Their mom is the Kansas City trunk keeper for Matilda you know they were dressed to perfection for our session. And talk about cute kids (and I don't mean the clothes)...

These two sisters were so adorable. And big brother was my special prop assistant. I may have to hire him to help me out this fall. He was always ready to carry my chairs to a new location...what a guy!

We explored downtown...tried to duck out of the crazy August wind in a few protected corners...and just played. I usually try to keep my client galleries to between 25-30 images. Any more than that and my clients seem to become stressed out trying to choose their favorites. But I couldn't do it on this session. I just finished proofing the entire morning and have SO MANY images ready for their gallery. There were just too many to sorry can blame your beautiful kids if you get stressed out ;)

My other mission for the morning was to review the Nikon 24-70 f2.8 lens that I had rented for the weekend. My goal was to prove to myself that I didn't need it...that I did indeed love my prime lenses...and that this insanely huge and bulky lens was not a requirement for my camera bag. Unfortunately, that aspect of the morning didn't go as planned. I loved it. Like "love at first sight" eyes bulging, lip drooling, hand shaking LOVED that lens. Well poo. Now I have a serious dilemna.

I knew the lens would be great for group shots. But I certainly didn't expect it to take images up close and personal like this.

or to have the clarity like this...

And it was crystal clear from a distance as well....clean, sharp, vibrant. {insert large SIGH here}

NOW. If you live in the Kansas City area and are thinking "I'd love to have family pictures like this"...then I have some FUN NEWS just for YOU!!

Friday, September 11th, 2009
Matilda Jane Trunk Show at my house!
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For more information or to get on the invite list just send me a quick email!!

Just a few more about a vintage twist?

At the very end of the session I said, "Hey kids! Guess what...I think we're done!" And this was their response :)

Thanks B family...can't wait for you to see your gallery!


mom2four said...

LOVE THEM! Love the one of her lying on the yellow couch and the buggy one. Sorry about the gone in an instant...I see what you mean. I can continue to live my photography dreams through you...

~love said...

oh, the pram stroller one is probably one of my favorite images ever! love it!
would love for you to shoot us if you were in the chicago area!!

SoSoBella said...
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SoSoBella said...

oh my gosh. once again you have captured exactly what a mom hopes for. what a happy mom she will be to see how great these pictures turned out. darling! and matilda jane,MY FAVORITE. oh how i wished i lived close.

amalia said...

I Love all of the pictures! Beautiful kids in their darling matilda jane clothes!!!...And of course I love the buggy :) The vintage picture on the steps was one of a kind!