Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. My Mom called this afternoon to inform me that I had forgotten to post my "10 on Tuesday"...whoa there lady....it is officially Tuesday until 12:00 am...PLENTY of time for a few fun facts at the Cooper house :) (but thanks for the reminder because...yes...I had actually forgotten).

2. This past weekend my super NIFTY niece and her BFF came to visit me. Ok. So they didn't really come just to visit me. They came to Kansas City to have one last hurray before heading off to college. I was a free place to stay, a few free meals, and some photos to boot. But, I think they came to see me too. At least I'm telling myself that. And we had such a BLAST with them. And in honor of their visit I will be sprinkling this post with photos of them...because posts are WAY more fun with photos, right?

3. "The Club" is nearing completion. My goal is to have it completed before A heads back to school on Monday. Right now Mr. P is slaving away upstairs working on framing the doorway and laying the baseboards. Then we just have to touch up some paint and move in!

4. I tried coloring with Sam for the first time last night. He was OBSESSED with the red crayon. Wouldn't have anything to do with blue. He is such a boy. He would hold the crayon high above his head....grunt loudly...then bang the crayon as hard as possible on the paper with a huge smile. I think he might go into fencing or sword fighting....or maybe be a gladiator.

5. Today I did the following: took all 3 kids to the dentist, went grocery shopping (with all 3 kids), made lunch, refereed TWO play dates, edited a session, loaded 2 galleries, made dinner, practiced violin with both girls, did the bedtime ritual with 3 kids, and ate a bagful of M&Ms. I knew there was a reason I was tired.

6. Did I mention I almost have a 1st grader? It is still sinking in.

7. A overheard me having a conversation with her violin teacher about my stomach condition. Her teacher asked the name of the condition and I was explaining the symptoms and treatment, etc. We were talking about how it is kind of an obscure condition that a lot of people don't know about...but that it can be pretty devastating for people who have it. A piped in "I think we should organize a walk for that." Oh...my little philanthropist :)

8. My girls have the funniest names for things. Like "spaghetti" is "scabetty"..."asparagus" is "asquareabus"...and "hospital" is "hostibal". I can barely say the words myself after hearing them say them wrong so many times :) I would correct them but it is so cute.

9. If you haven't booked a FALL SESSION yet...my calendar if filling up quickly! Not trying to scare anyone...but I've had lots of requests to meet Charlotte and I have to limit her schedule...so call now to reserve your session with her!

10. I just bought A THESE shoes for school. When she saw them last night she literally grabbed them off the shelf and started kissing them. She never picks out anything really funky so I was completely floored that she wanted them so badly. So of course we had to pick out a few fun outfits to coordinate with the super cool shoes...I can't wait to see them on her :)

HAPPY TUESDAY (or what's left of it!)


Angel said...

You had me smiling through this whole post. Especially loved #4,5,7 & 8. hehe

The clubhouse looks HUGE!!! And gorgeous. Can't wait to see it all gussied up.

Lala said...

Hi Jenn!!! OMGosh... those are some FUNKY KICKS! I see the LOVE of green is genetic huh? Great pics of the girliefriends too!!! A WHOLE bag of M&Ms??? YUM!

Love, Lala :o)
Thinking of snaking this idea for Fridays maybe???

Gena said...

Love your Tuesday posts! Don't feel bad about the m&m's. Did it with oreos an hour ago. Whoops.

mom2four said...

A is sooo funny! A walk! That is one for the books....or the blog. :) So cute!

So, I need to know....did you really eat the WHOLE bag? If you did, that will make me feel a lot better about the fact that I can, and sometimes do, really eat the WHOLE bag, ha!